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Why Are Babies Like Hinges?

Why Are Babies Like Hinges?

Just like doors and cabinets that have hinges to keep the objects together, the babies do the same thing for their family. For instance, on every family picture that has a baby, the baby is always positioned in the midst of everyone. This only symbolizes that babies serve as the hinge of every family to keep everyone together.

The importance of the baby on the family pictures doesn’t stop there. In real life these babies play a much bigger role than being the center of attraction on the pictures. Baby’s job in keeping the family as one is pretty challenging, if it will be done by people our age, the success rate will most probably fail. However, babies do it effortlessly.

They simply bring happiness to the family. Babies are pure-hearted and so adorable, that is the reason why it’s so hard to resist them! Every member of the family always wants to witness their baby’s firsts! For instance, first smile showing their first baby teeth; or when they say their first word; or when they try to make their first few steps! Babies first birthday is no doubt a big celebration as well on every household.

Most of the time, you will here that the family choose to remain tight because there is a baby involved. Sometimes it sounds not fair for the baby, but if babies can talk they will just simply say ‘My role is to keep us all together, my love is contagious!, Babies are great hinge to keep the family from falling apart, but let us not forget that these babies can only do so much and at the end of the day, as parents we have a greater role and responsibilities to handle. We can not entrust the relationship of the family to the baby alone, because eventually he or she will grow up.


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