Why are cellphones not allowed in airplanes?

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Why are cellphones not allowed in airplanes?

Even before cellphones were invented, other electronic devices such as radio, computers and compact discs were never allowed to be used while in flight. Many studies have been conducted as to how these devices and equipments affect the condition of the aircraft while it is in air. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are agencies created to regulate, oversee all aspects of civil aviation, set standards in promoting safety and operate an air traffic control system. Part of their function is to see to it that all people abide by the rules and standards especially those who are availing commercial air transportation.

The use of cellphones in flight has been a great issue through the years. The FCC and FAA have imposed a regulation that bans the use of any electronic devices particularly cellular phones while inside the aircraft. This standard has been set primarily because all electronic devices were found to cause serious alterations in the communication system of the aircraft communicating system and the tower that monitors the flight of the aircraft. Aside from the major interferences it can cause, the use of cellphones in flight can cause the airplane’s equipments to malfunction and unable the flight crew to communicate to the ground personnel. This increases the risk of air accidents that may claim an undetectable cause because of the interferences in the communication system.

Although the FCC and FAA can investigate the viability of cellphones on air, the number of cellphones being sold in the market makes it hard for them to test each kind of unit. So it is better to stay safe and firmly uphold to the regulations set regarding the use of cellphones on airplanes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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