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Why are Cigarettes addictive?

Why are Cigarettes addictive?

It is very difficult to stop using something, when you are addicted to it very much. Some people find it very hard to stop smoking. These people feel satisfied by following the habits that are associated with the addiction. Some people will increase smoking frequency due to some pressure which might have made them to get addicted before they come to know that they got addicted. The presence of nicotine in the cigarettes makes the smokers to get used to cigarettes. Nicotine in cigarettes acts as substance that triggers the release of beta-endorphins which are the chemicals in the brain that makes us to feel good.

The smokers would like to reach the cigarette if they feel stressed as it will make them to be calm and controlled as well as alert. People get used to this good feeling and would like to experience it very often. But, nicotine will not be stored in the body for long time and that is why more number of cigarettes are used for getting this feeling. In course of time, our brain gets accustomed to the stimulation of nicotine to produce the endorphins. Our brain stops producing the endorphins naturally and starts to depend on the artificial boosting from the cigarettes. From this stage, it becomes as if these people need to smoke just to keep them feel normal. Cigarettes become so natural in their lives that in order to be just normal and casual, they have to smoke.

There are also other products like chocolates and coffee that also act as nicotine in cigarettes. Ceasing to use these substances is much easier than nicotine usage. It is because nicotine causes more significant effect at rapid rate than the other substances like coffee and chocolate. The effect of nicotine on the brain of the smoker will start within few seconds of taking it in. This will make him to experience the good feeling immediately. Not only nicotine, there are about 600 substances in the cigarette that work as stimulants of the brain chemicals like acetone, ammonia and so on.


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