Why are drugs bad for you?

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The body and mind of the person will experience some chemical alterations caused by  drugs. Drugs can be separated into three categories: legal, addictive drugs, medicines, and illegal, addictive drugs. Medicines are given by doctors when you feel sick which tend to balance the chemical imbalance in the body and make the body improve. The alcohol and tobacco can cause problems in the body and might also cause damage to the body and mind. There are several drugs that come under the illegal, addictive drugs category. The drugs can affect the body and mind and bring some changes in their appearance and functioning.

The changes that typically occur in the body  appear as: aged, rotten teeth; hair loss; lung cancer; physical addictions; altered appearance; insomnia; dilated pupils;  appetite loss. The chemical changes that can occur in the brain due to the drugs are: dementia, suicidal depression, irrational decisions, damage to the brain cells, loss of memory, hallucinations, nightmares, impairment in time perception, and impaired visual depth.

The above bad effects can result in the imbalanced financial life and social life of the person. The drugs can isolate the person from family and friends. The person addicted to the drugs will set an unpleasant example for the young people in the home. The person also loses the capability to work hard in his professional life and loses acuity. The skills of the drug addict will deteriorate and make the person  suitable for only low-income jobs. The person will tend to spend all of the  money to purchase drugs as he or she considers the drug gives him or her happiness.

The drug addict will also resort to stealing money to buy drugs if necessary. He or she will not understand the importance of life and will always think that there is sufficient money to still buy drugs and enjoy them.

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