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Why Are Drugs Illegal?

by charm


Why Are Drugs Illegal?

In the United States there are many different drugs such as cocaine, heroine, crack, ice, and marijuana, which are all illegal. They are illegal as they are addictive, mind-devastating and sometimes can be lethal. They are found to be harmful both physically and mentally. If the drugs are legalized, new problems of using these drugs will come up.

Of course drugs usage should not be legalized. They are dangerous to our health. Ecstasy causes lung cancer and it is scientifically proven that it damages our brain and it is fatal. Right from 19th century onwards, certain drugs have been restricted by the American government. By 1960, drugs like marijuana, amphetamine and psychedelics came on the scene and the government had to address the problem by enforcing some laws. In 1973, the U.S drug Enforcement Administration was created to make federal drug laws effective.

Drugs usage and the businesses related to it has made the countries rich. For example in 1997, Mexico’s GDP was $280 billion dollars while the estimates of drug money flowing through the country range from $70 billion to $200 billion annually. So drugs are responsible for illegal trading and corruption.

Well, why are these drugs illegal? They can damage brain, heart and other important organs. It does not help us to take good decisions. People harm others when they use drugs. Whenever a person is in problems and had taken drugs to make him feel better, he is only temporarily relieved from the problem but cannot solve it. Moreover, people get addicted to drugs very soon. Once a person is addicted it is very difficult to make him stop taking drugs. Stopping can cause vomiting, sweating and shaking.

A person using drugs has trouble in concentrating, gets into fights often, have red eyes mostly, cough a lot and have runny nose all the time. The drugs act as depressant, hallucinogen, make the user feel high, drowsy inhalant, narcotic and stimulant that energize the body temporarily. As these drugs cannot promote good health in society, they are considered illegal.

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