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Why Are Ethics Important?

Why Are Ethics Important?

Ethics are the rules or standards that determine the conduct by which an individual lives and makes all decisions. Ethics are important not only in business but also in all aspects of our individual life. It is because each one of us is part of the society and the foundation for a civilized society should be strong and rational.

Business ethics involve the conduct of an individual doing the business. It does not have anything to do with the size of the business. If the company takes care of its responsibility towards its employees then they also will reward it with loyalty, honesty and quality. The employees also will deal ethically with the customers and business associates.

The supplier who does not exploit the advantage of seller’s market will retain the loyalty of the customers and continued business during the buyer’s market also. A person who behaves and thinks ethically will have energy and good state of mind for maximum productivity and creativity.

Teaching an employee or an adult on ethics is not very effective. Personal values and ethical behavior has to be taught by parents and in school. Ethics are important as they give us a baseline to understand the concept of right and wrong. Ethics help us to prepare ourselves to react to a situation long before that happens. Sometimes we need to react according to the situation but our built-in values play important role in our reaction to the situation and not the situation itself. So having a standard of ethics will always be better than to prefer to have situational ethics. A standard in ethics will show us how to live.

Ethics are important as they help us in dealing with people on daily basis. Right sense of thinking will make us to deal with them positively and the wrong sense will make us to contact people in negative manner. If our ethics are built on truth delivered in the word of GOD then we will treat others as children of GOD and love everyone.

Above all ethics are important as we pass them to others and show everyone the correct way of living.

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  1. You bet I can. In the first place, ethics is a singular noun like politics, physics and news. I can help you big time if you wish…

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