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Why are Genetically modified Foods Bad?

Why are Genetically modified Foods Bad?

GM foods or Genetically Manufactured also known as Genetically Engineered foods are the result of altering an organism’s gene by inserting an individual gene taken from another organism to improve its characteristics. Examples of these are crops which are immune to insects, pesticides and drought, crops which stay fresh longer, crops growing quicker and bigger, salmon and trout growing bigger and 6x faster and more milk produced by cows. This may sound good and appealing but are they really safe for human consumption?

In the present, there are a lot of GM foods which are available in the market that we are not aware of. In America, GM foods are approved by the FDA and are sold in major leading grocery stores. GM foods are not labelled so it is very hard to distinguish which food is natural and which is not.

Some of the well-known bad effects of GM food consumption are the development of diseases and allergic reaction for humans. Farmers give cows antibiotics to cure them from udder infection. Cows which are injected with a genetically-altered growth hormone called rBGH, (helps the cows produce more milk by stimulating the cow’s pituitary gland) makes the cows more vulnerable to udder infections. This massive amount of antibiotics inside the cow can be found in the dairy products which are produced. When consumed, this may cause allergic reactions and immunity to antibiotic. Injecting rBGH also resulted in the increase of IGF-1, a chemical hormone present in colorectal, prostate and breast cancer in humans. Severe exposure to this chemical may also lead to lymphoma, arthritis and leukemia.

Animals like cows and pigs which are injected which genetically altered hormones resulted in high levels mortality rate, mutation and birth defects. Now imagine what would happen when we consume them?

Plants which are immune to insects have developed their very own pesticides which kill pests and other beneficial insects like honeybees and caterpillars of Monarch butterflies causing a disruption in the natural balance of the ecosystem.

GM foods can be considered as ‘bad, because of its harmful effects to humans, animals and plants. Although it can become a great solution to the worldwide food price hike, the project itself has not yet been fully developed. It still has a lot of loopholes which we cannot just undermine.


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