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Why Are Girls Mean to Guys They Like?

by kelsey


Why Are Girls Mean to Guys They Like?

This question is one of the psychological nature of the female brain, oftentimes accredited as completely insane. In fact there have even been court cases where women have used their pre-menstrual syndrome as an insanity plea, successfully, and thus, women are indeed insane for at least one week for every month, and over emotional for two. That leaves one week of normalcy for the female brain.

With all those hormones running around, it is quite obvious that we would come up with the bright idea to be mean to guys that we really like. It is partly to make them jealous so that they want us more, and partly to show them that we aren’t perfect little princesses that need to be taken care of all the time. Or so we think.

Another positive of this strategy is to see whether they really like us, to try to flirt even when we are being mean to them. We love to test our men, and this is just one of many that follow the initial ‘look’, that look that we give men until they understand that we are actually interested in them.

Yet another reason is to flirt through insulation. The idea, of course, seems ludicrous when putting it on paper or screen, but in reality it works perfectly. Men, you are masochistic SOBs, and when we are mean to you, you eat it up. We have no idea how this power actually works, but it does. It is in fact the reverse of the grade-school boys’ trick of being mean to grade-school girls: this never works. It just confuses girls, and we cannot take that sort of pressure with all the other raging hormones in our bodies. So we must chalk the idea up to this: It is a power which we have over men to get them to like us back, but men only rarely ever succeed when they try their power on us.

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