Why are Girls so mean to each Other?

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Why are Girls so mean to each Other?

Girls are mean to each other is that a fact or not? Well girls tend to become very emotional at times and is not afraid to show other girls (and even guys) a piece of their mind. Be that as it may, it doesn’t justify whether girls are mean to each other or not. Boys and Girls can be mean to each other and might end up in ‘physical fights,. The thought of girls fighting each other is the same as boys knocking each other senseless. It is nothing special, girls fights are just viewed in a different category than men.

Girl fights does not only include physical means. Since girls are generally viewed as ‘finer, examples in human society, their battles may just be too subtle for the opposite sex to notice. Girls like gossiping more than men do, they would gossip about almost everything. These include other girls as well. The ‘talking behind your back, routine is a good example of how girls work in the shadows. Throwing dirt and uncovering them is sometimes considered as a past time (I don’t generalize). Some girls can be more jealous than men when it comes to their lovers. They are also known to get in the bottom of things, when they feel something is not right.

Boys find girls difficult to understand and this is probably the most common fact about girls. Girls are still immature compared to grown up women and may tend to do foolish things to hurt themselves and other people. It may also be their ‘natural instinct, to be wary when dealing with the same sex.

Being catty may be due to a lot of reasons, some of them insecurity and jealousy. Whether it is because of other girls ‘physical appearance, hair colors, eyes, chest etc,, girls tend to find something they dislike in almost any other girl. Blame it on hormones and other things, but girls can be meaner than boys in more ways than one.

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