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Why are Goals important?

Why are goals important?

Why do you think people achieve something in their lives? It is because they don’t fail to remind themselves about a very important four-letter-word that is the main root to being successful, or at least to be able to accomplish something – GOAL.

Setting a goal is vital in everything we do, even with the smallest and simplest of things. It is very difficult to start with a certain task without knowing what your goal in doing it is. Setting up a goal will allow you to see all the corners of an idea or a project. It will help you do things step-by-step, according to your goals, and which will eventually lead to positive results. A goal is the backbone of all your thoughts and plans, and without it, it will be absolutely difficult to execute anything.

Take for an example the creation of a box. Although until now I have no idea who invented it, or whose idea it was, I believe that it is one creation that has been thoroughly thought through. A box is not as complicated as we may think, but how do we know how many generations have already benefited from this wonderful idea. I am sure everyone reading this obviously grew up with boxes all around them. Whoever made it had an excellent set of goals in mind when he created one of the world’s most versatile storage systems.

What I am trying to point out is that we don’t make a move without having certain goals. Even before we start our day, we always have a goal. Do we want to be productive for a certain day? Do we want to cook something special for the kids to make them happy?

The bottom line is: A goal is a powerful word that could make or break a person.


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