Why are Harp Seals Endangered?

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Why are Harp Seals Endangered?

Some of the most precious looking creatures that you could ever possibly see if your life have to be the harp seals. They are not very easy to ever see for someone who lives in the United States because they are almost only seen in the Arctic up there around Greenland, but if you search online or check out the Discovery Channel or something like that, you are bound to come across some of the most beautiful images that you will ever see.

There are conflicting reports on whether these amazing creatures are actually on the endangered species list or not and even to this day there is not an exact amount of evidence that could prove either one of those theories correct or incorrect. One source has them to be at risk of becoming endangered because of the fact that the people of Greenland tend to hunt for and kill these creatures for their fur and as a source of food. Other sources say that the seals are populating at a rapid pace and will not ever face the danger of one day becoming endangered. Yes, they are still being killed by the hundreds each and every day, but they are being born at an even quicker rate.

Still, I just can’t imagine someone having the ability to look one of these adorable creatures in the eyes and end up taking its life just to make a few bucks on its meat or fur. They are not a detrimental part of the ecosystem or anything like that, so why in the world should we go out there and kill them? It is good to know, though, that there is not a genuine fear of them one day being wiped off the face of the Earth entirely. That would just be an extremely tragic thing to have happen and I really hope it never does.

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