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Why are Horseshoes Lucky?

Why are Horseshoes Lucky?

One famous symbol of luck is the horseshoe. You can hear several stories from different cultures about how it gives luck to its owner. There are those who base it depending on how you place it — whether upwards or downwards.

People in Ireland and Britain believe that when the opening of the horseshoe is facing upwards, it catches good luck while a horseshoe facing downwards spills out the luck. In Italy, they believe that you will still have good luck no matter which way you hang the horseshoe as long as it has been worn and discarded and not purchased. While in some countries in Europe, Middle-East and Latin American, horseshoes are luckier is they are placed downward in a vulval position depicting the ‘sacred vulva, shape.

Horseshoes are considered lucky because of many reasons like:

Its crescent shape. Its crescent moon or ‘sacred vulva’ shape is linked to the symbol of Artemis and Diana, the pagan moon goddess. Horseshoes are believed to have magical powers that come from the moon goddess. This power will protect you from any evil.

Iron repels any kind of demons and other elemental beings. Iron is the strongest metal which is being use by man. During the early times, iron was considered magical because it can withstand fire and is stronger than any other metals. Iron is used to ward off any evil spirits, faeries, pixies and elves. It was also believed that it also repels witches and sucks demons inside. Some place their horseshoes in their bedroom to keep the nightmares away.

Lucky number 7. During old times, horseshoes have seven nail holes that hold it into a horse’s hoof. The number seven is a very famous sign of luck due to its prominence in the Bible.

Blacksmiths are lucky. Horseshoes are considered lucky because they were created by blacksmiths, which during old times were considered a lucky trade because they work with the element of fire and magical iron. Some even believe that they have special powers.

In conclusion, various cultures and beliefs have influenced the meaning behind the horseshoe’s luck superstition. Some may consider it as true some may deny it. Whether you believe it to be a symbol of luck or not, it all depends on you.


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