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Why Are Hydrocarbons Insoluble In Water?

Why Are Hydrocarbons Insoluble In Water?

What comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘hydrocarbon?, Hydrocarbon is a natural composite of absolutely of C and H. There are four types of hydrocarbons: Unsaturated hydrocarbons, Aromatic hydrocarbons, saturated hydrocarbons and Cycloalkane hydrocarbons. All have different properties and usage.

Almost everyone doesn’t have an idea about its properties and uses and most of us don’t have an idea that hydrocarbons are the earth’s most important energy resources. It takes the forms of asphalt and arises in unrefined oil ‚ this means it is used as for fuel combustion.

Hydrocarbons include alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and aromatic hydrocarbons. Because of their relatively nonpolarity therefore, all are unfathomable in water. Chemistry seems to be producer of the most interesting issues relating science and the information-giver resources. If one reads chemistry related topics, perhaps questions, important or non-sense can be answered.

Reward yourself; feed your mind with information, information that will someday bring you to success. Being inquisitive is sometimes a satisfying reward. Who knows, one day, this answer could be used in some aspect. Different usage of different kinds of hydrocarbons played a big role in our society.

The most common applications involving hydrocarbons:

Making of polymers, paints, plastic, drugs, detergents, used for producing gasoline, lubricants and fuels, lighters, lanterns and many other products that utilize hydrocarbons. Man-made materials such as salt, baking soda, glucose, marbles and zinc oxide are somewhat made from the compounds of hydrocarbons. There are numerous products and materials made from the hydrocarbons that we used everyday, we are just ignorant.

All of these discoveries are indebted to the scientist and the science itself. Wonder where it all started? Through curiosity and inquiries from the playing minds. All answers are attained through perseverance and patience of the discoverer. Ever wonder of the existence of anything? Discover the amazing answers and solution of the future complex problem.


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