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Why are Michael Jackson’s kids white?

Why are Michael Jackson’s kids white?

There are many situations existing in the world that the children are born white to both black parents. It can happen vice versa too. There are many websites that have written the interviews taken from Michael, his parents as well as from Debbie Rowe, Michael’s ex-wife. These interviews reveal that the statements made by each one of them do not match. The musical icon says that he has three children. Debbie Rowe has revealed that she has come forward to bear Michael’s children and she was impregnated with the sperm, the source of which was not known. So probably the children are white as their mother is white.

There is another story that the biological parents for Michael’s first two children Prince and Paris were Arnold Klein and Debbie Rowe. Arnold Klein was a personal dermatologist to Michael Jackson who is a white. It is thought that it was a deal between Arnold and Michael not to reveal this matter ever. Some say that Debbie Rowe has given birth to two children just as a surrogate mother and her eggs were also not taken. This can be believed to some extent as Debbie Rowe denied being a guardian to Michael’s children after his death. If she is their biological mother she would have had a least intention to care for them. So this can tell everyone that Ms. Rowe would have been just a paid surrogate mother. But since prince and Paris do not have the features of his dad it does not always mean that they are not his biological kids. At the same time they can be denied of that also.

The DNA tests which would give the result might be a good answer if Michael was alive. The way Michael’s children were into public all these days with masks tell us also that probably Michael did not want to reveal everyone that he was not their biological father. It is possible always that the genes that have not expressed for few generations might get expressed suddenly and that could have happened or parents of Prince and Paris might be really unknown. Either of the above reasons might have led them to appear white. But Tito Jackson, brother of Michael says that Blanket, Michael’s last son is really the biological child of Michael.


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  1. im sorry ya’ll but i speak for all the african american people and we know how black children comes out and they sure don’t come out like those three. Prince and paris are white and blanket is hispanic, not mj’s children! end of discussion

    • They are NOT his children. It is possible for mixed children to look white, however, in this case the children are clearly not his. The first son and the daughter belong to Arnold Klein.

    • You don’t speak for me and I have been an african american for nearly 60 years and some of my relatives are whiter than MJ’s kids and others are as dark as the late comedian Bernie Mac. My “white” looking uncles used to get in fights with other black kids because they were teased and called ” crackers” because of their pale skin and gray and green eyes. The only reason I am “stick around brown” is because my almost “white” looking redbone dad (his mother was a “white” looking, peach complexion black woman with freckles and green eyes) married an ebony colored woman. All my “white” looking uncles married ebony colored women. I am brown, my middle sister is very light in complexion with freckles and my baby sister is darker than my mom. We are like the united nations at family reunions. Based on my family’s dynamics, I strongly believe those are Mike’s bio kids. It’s all dominent/ recessive genes–high school biology and from what I have read from these comments, these people missed that lesson.

      • Speaking from another African American womens point of view…..those kids are Not Michael Jackson’s and they are Not Black….they are White as Snow. You know very well that if a Black person and White person have kids they are going to show some kind of black in them(period)…. They are going to look a little mixed at least and u know that!!!!

        • Who cares if they are his biological children or not. They are his children period! I have an adopted child and she is mine through and through. Blood is thicker than water, but LOVE is thicker than blood. His song, it doesn’t matter if your black or white…cus it doesn’t we are all human, and his kids are his kids no matter how they came to be that way. End of story.

      • I am sorry I have to disagree with you, I know black people who do pass for white but their features (HAIR IS THE MAIN GIVEAWAY) are consistent with their biological makeup. Black people we do have a better eye for this type of thing than other races. MJ’s kids are not his biological kids. They are white as white. MJ is full black and his alleged vitiligo does not change that, those kids should look a lot more mixed than what they appear to be as of current. If MJ was mixed race then I honestly would have more faith in his DNA matching his kids. Great example is the son of Paula Patton and Robin Thicke, he is 3/4 white but looks full white but guess what he has more white in him and so yes for him to look like that makes sense. However with these kids every single one of them do not look like they have 1/2 of black in them. MJ is dark skinned (before he decided to bleach himself) so his biological kids should reflect this. Furthermore MJ is a liar, he said he never used bleach on his skin and blames his pigmentation merely to vitiligo. I know vitiligo changes patches of your skin colour but I didn’t think it could change a black man into a white woman from an afro to straight silky hair too.

    • I agree……historically there has never been a mixed race black white child that has expressed gene traits as these children. Any fool can see that these children are not his biologically. Michael was an intensely private man and would go to any extent to protect his kids…….therefore it is NO surprise that he used subterfuge to hide their true origins.

    • Actually, my mom is white and my dad is black and I do look completely normal for a mixed person. But my two little sisters who have a different dad looks lighter. Their dad is also black. They look like a tan white person. And one of them has straight hair and the other has wavy/curly hair.


  2. Blanket is MJ’s biological child…

  3. I feel sorry for those two white children who are being lied to about their origins. Arnold Klein is the father, therefore the children are Jewish. They are not being raised as Jewish children in the Jackson home. Had it been black or Hispanic children made to deny their biological heritage, people like Al Sharpton would be all over marching for it. But since it is two Jewish children, no one cares.

    • How in the hell can you turn this into reverse racism provided that even exist? It is beyond comprehension that due to over 300 years of legal and continued racism against blacks on all levels that i still hear whites talking about reverse racism. I am sick of hearing the whining and complaining from whites trying to go into some comments on race how pathetic. Now for Michaels kids what the hell would you know about what would happen if these kids were black and what the black community would do. I would take it that your know it all ass would know about all the black children in foster care that end up in white homes due to all the rhetoric in the foster care system. Pull your head out your ass and get your facts straight before you stand on your soap box you are so arrogant and full of shit I could throw up. It is clear these kids are all white simple as that.

      • There’s nothing like reversed racism, discrimination against white people is still racism. You should read about what happens in post-apartheid South Africa.

      • Not all of them did you compare blanket to young mj. open your eyes

      • Chris
        You are the IDIOT if you think reverse racism does not exist. And I never under stood why the called it that……… racism is racism! Which evers of the many sides it is coming from.

        • Reverse racism is when someone treats you better because of your race. A lot of people misuse the term as racism against white people, but that is not the case. People are dumb.

          • That makes more sense and Michael wanted that same treatment!

          • racism is treating you differently based upon your perceived “race,” whether that treatment is positive (because you are perceived to be the “correct” race in the beholder’s eyes) or negative (because you are perceived to be the “incorrect” race).

            When I go to the chow hall and I get half the portion of the main dish that all the much darker skinned people sitting at my table and the server is also darker skinned, we usually attribute that to racism. One group is being treated better and the other group is being treated worse. Both treatments are racism. I’m diabetic and shouldn’t be getting LESS of the meat portion but less of the starchy one and I get the reverse.

    • Yo, you can only be jewish only if your mother is Jewish. No exception.

    • According to Jewish Law, if the father is Jewish and the mother is not, the children are not considered Jewish. However, if the mother is Jewish and the father is not; the children are considered Jewish.

      • Jews follow a religion. No such thing as a “Jewish race”. These so-called “Jews” are genetically CAUCASIAN ie. white people..

        • Tell that to Adolf Hitler…

        • Ever been to Israel? There are white Ashkenazi Jews from Europe, darker Sephardi Jews from Middle East and also black Jews mostly from Ethiopia. Surprise?
          There is a Jewish race: Ashkenazi people are genetically different from other caucasians, they’re prone to a genetic disorder that Europeans are not (Tay Sachs).
          Plus being a Jew is very much about origin, tradition, not necessarily religion, most people in Israel are agnostic. Can you Americans imagine?

          • can you imagine that Jews and Arabs are the same people just a split in the religion after Abraham? (both semitic peoples)

        • wrong, born jewish or you convert to their religion, FACT GOOGLe IT !!

  4. Well anything dark is the dominant gene. Dark skin, dark hair, curly hair, dark eyes. Michael has to be the father of Prince because how could a brown eyed kid come from two white people? And he has curly hair too. It may not be as curly as Michael’s, but that’s cause his mom had straight hair. And Paris definitely looks like Prince. Maybe their mom’s white genes were stronger throughout history than Michael’s, because Michael was definitely not as black as his Afrikaan ancestors (before the Vitiligo). Blanket looks a LOT like Michael with his black hair and brown eyes and darker skin, so I think Blanket’s mom was probably black. And in an interview with Oprah I saw Prince lean back with his arms behind his head, and I noticed white spots around under his arms, so maybe he was born with vitiligo too. Who knows, if he was, they could be giving him skin bleaching creams, but they don’t want the public to make a huge deal out of it. I think their family is tortured enough and we should just go with their story, because they probably know what’s going on most and what they tell us is what they want us to know, and because its none of our business anyways.

    • “Michael has to be the father of Prince because how could a brown eyed kid come from two white people?”

      Funny, I’m a brown-eyed child of two (definitely) white parents…
      You do realize that white people can have brown eyes too, right?


      • Do any if you remember what Michael looked like as a child? He was dark skinned, had an Afro & had all all black features. Everyone knows about the plastic surgery he had to change his black features but really to think not one if his children look like him at all? Come on they are not his kids. Not only that as we all know now he was a drug user, morphine wether needed at first or not after his fire injury but morphine drops your sperm count. So knowing that he probably couldn’t produce biological children. That being said he was their father in every way that counts. He & Debbie Rowe had to marry so he would not have to adopt them & there wouldnt be a paoer trail. Now Blanket who knows, it is strange that no one knows who the mother is. Maybe the child was abandoned at birth & he adopted him.

    • Um… everyone on my dads side of the family has brown eyes and curly black hair and they are Scotts/Irish. All my siblings and I have brown eyes and we’re white, my husband has black curly hair and he’s white so I don’t know where you are getting your information from but you are dead wrong. White people can have any eye color, hair color, and hair texture. Curly hair, strait, wavy…eyes of black, brown, grey, hazel, blue, green… hair of blonde, brown, black, red, grey, white. Not all white people are blue eyed blondes with strait hair, you nit-wit.

  5. They are not Jewish unless they are raised Jewish. Michael wanted them raised Jehovah’s Witness’, so they are Jehovah’s Witness’. There’s more proof they are Michael’s kids, and there are more reliable people sources (Jackson family & friends) who say they are. Nobody except tabloid junkies believe that they are Klein’s kids. Klein never said they are his kids anyways, so why waste time making assumptions? We shouldn’t even be involved in this because it’s private family things. We should respect what the family says and treat it as the truth.

  6. Prince’ father is Michael Jackson and his mother is debbie rowe.. the parents of paris is debbie rowe and mike rowe:| Blanket’s mother is…. I can’t say much,but she isn’t black.

  7. That is the most stupid thing I have ever read. White people cannot have brown eyes? Ridiculous. My eyes are darker than both my parents, and we are all white.

  8. i have a test we can do to determine who the real father is.. it would end all questions and give closure to all the family’s involved, and of course the fans.

  9. I recently start thinking about why MJ wanted Caucasian children…i dont know but MJs entire family is mixed. But the origins of their family starting with poppa Joe and his siblings are very dark brown ppl. These kids are full blown white. There is no shame in that. But recently it did irritate me that the king of pop hated being black so much he wanted white offspring. I have no problems with interracial dating (been there, done that). I have an issue with the king of pop pretty much saying this is better than that. When black is mixed with white, black is a dominate speaking of colors. It just is. It is not possible for these kids to come out with no ethnic features at all. But whatever they are here. God bless them. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

  10. I don’t know if those are Michael’s children or not but I can say that it is possible for them to be. I have a friend who is mixed Irish and Black American and she looks pure Irish. I am serious, from red hair to green eyes, freckles and ivory skin. The only give away that she has any other ethnic background is that her hair kinks a little bit at the root only. Even then unless she tells you, you would never know. Also my best friend has 2 mixed children. Her little boy looks hispanic and her little girl looks almost like Paris. She is very delicate and her nose is pointed slightly. All I’m trying to say is you cannot guess one’s complete ethnic makeup just by looks. Even though certain traits are dominant it also depends on the passive traits each parent has as well. If the child receives both of the parents’ passive traits then anything can happen.

    • My paternal great-grandmother was an ebony colored black woman. My paternal great-grandfather was a red-headded, freckled white man. They had seven off-spring. One off-spring was my peach complexioned, reddish brown haired, green-eyed grand mother who could PASS for a white woman. Three of her sibblings with her coloring looked white and the others were high yellow and tan. There is no stereotyphical bi-racial color of off-springs. It’s dominent/recessive genes. Some of the comments I have read tells me these people missed this lesson in high-school biology. And based on the dynamics of my family, I strongly believe that that these precious children are MJ’S bio children–the best of his legacy.

      • I’m sorry, but those kids don’t look mixed. It happens that you can look white when you’re mixed, but not all three of them!

    • It’s technically possible for a child of a black man and white woman to be born with all white features, but at the very least, the child would like both parents in ways not related to skin color or tone, eye color, etc. At the very least, there would be some semblance, even if minor, to the dad. With Paris, we see absolutely nothing of MJ in her, at all.

      • I haved looked at Paris and pictures of her aunt Latoya when she was a young girl and the resemblence is there. Those big eyes and her smile come the Jackson side of the family. Michael’s oldest son has inherited viltilgo on his fingers, neck and on between his right arm and torso. Hope it does not get as bad as his father’s. Because of his coloring, the contrast of light and darker skin won’t be as noticiable. As for Michael’s youngest son, that little rascal looks just like him. Even if these children were not his bio children, he was the only parent they only knew. HE WAS THEIR DADDY BIO OR NOT. But based on the dynamics of my family, I strongly believe they are biologically his. The contaminated media needs to mind their business and let them live their lives.

  11. Whoever wrote this article needs to work on their English grammar skills..

  12. It is possible the last kid is his, given how blonde and white the mother is, and Michael is not a very dark skinned person naturally (even his parents are light skinned). And I have seen where an African American who is light and a very white, white woman make a hispanic looking kid, odds are by the time he gets older he’ll look a bit more black. Kinda like how Tiger woods looked indian as a youth but just looks black now.

  13. To: Michael Jackson family
    From: Sara, A Big fan

    I wanted to know who hired that doctor? Who killed Michael Jackson?
    MICHAEL JACKSON WAS MADE A FOOL OUT OF? If these children gets this money, this money will go into the whites hands….


    If you have brown eyes and curl hairs – you might have a drop of African bloods – There is a lot of black people passed for white and a lot don’t know they have that one drop

    Michael so-called children are all white

  14. I also love how everyone in the black community act like they themselves went through slavery. If anything they have it easier then how its made to be perceived ,because sadly a lot have tried to benefit from what there ancestors went through. Always pulling the racism card (even when most of the time its not warrented)

  15. What is the big deal if he is not the bio father… At the end is more a father who cares for any kid than some real biological fathers that just get woman pregnant and never takes care of their kids…

  16. When a black person and a white personhave a child it can have very light skin, light or straight hair and/or light eyes but not all of the above; MJ’s kids have absolutely no African America features. Maybe if just one of them was completely white looking but all 3 makes it hard to believe considering (before the surgeries) MJ had very strong African American features.

  17. Yaw need to shut the hell up cause yaw wasn’t there when they were having sex why do it matter if they’re his children or not its none of your business

  18. @Asha You need know what you’re talking about first off he had lupias his skin Changed colors on its own so he bleached it so it won’t mess up his image for his fans so if you don’t know what you’re talking about please shut up and stop trying to make michael jackson look bad
    R.i.p Mj 6-25-09


  20. I personally think the two older children are not his nor is Debbie their mother. I blieve she was the surrogate. Blanket is his bilogical child!

  21. those aint his kids

  22. It’s a shame that people can’t express themselves without the use of vulgarities in order to prove a point. This is a forum; people discuss differing opinions, and EVERYone has their own unique opinion; it serves no one putting down someone for it. I Personally don’t think those children are his biologically. I can try to speculate who the bio parents are, but it doesn’t really matter. We can’t tell by looking at eye color, hair color, skin color, hair texture, etc. There are too many variables to consider, that’s why we do DNA testing to prove paternity. The children are beautiful regardless of their heritage, and I hope they live successful, happy, well adjusted lives. I will say that I am curious to know what the story behind their conception is, but in the end, Michael was their father. He raised them until his death, and THAT’S what makes a father, a father.

  23. You guys are investigating a dead guy……WOW shame man R.I.P…MJ. Do something else with your life…

  24. Something I find odd is that if someone is genetically half black and half anything else they are black. If they have 25% black and 75% anything else, they are black. If they have one drop of black and the rest is white, they are black. Yet I am half asian and half white and black people (generally) see me as white and they could be (and probably ARE) more white than I am. Granted I’m not MORE black than they are. Supposedly if you go far enough back, we were all black, the rest of us that aren’t still black are just more mutated to fit a different environment.

    Frankly, black people have an advantage to resist skin damage from the sun due to significantly higher concentration of melanin in the skin.

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