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Why are Muslims not allowed to eat Pork?

Why are Muslims not allowed to eat Pork?

There is a wrong notion that Muslims are restricted from eating pork because they consider the swine as sacred in Islam and hence do not want to eat it. This is denied by most of the Muslims. Any intelligent, self-respecting person would not entertain himself to prefer meat prepared from an animal which always lives in unhygienic conditions. This wrong conception might have been created due to ignorance or dislike towards the Muslim community.
The Islam religion has also preached through Quran certain principles to keep the human body healthy by choosing good food. It is said in Quran5:4 verse not to eat pig meat or dead meat or blood. In order to portray Islamism also as a true religion, Muslims follow the instructions given in the Quran. This fact about swine meat is also mentioned in the Bible. A true religion can only generate ideal groups or communities in a city or state. Islam is also considered as true religion, as it is known to encourage moral, political and economic well being of its followers. This religion also promotes social peace and harmony. Quran also deals with the good health of its believers. The health related instructions in Quran revealing health consciousness have scientific support.
Though Islamism has denied eating the pork keeping in view of the religious advice, it is also scientifically proven that pork is not good for health. Pigs roam in the drainage, water canals and eat even human excreta. Pigs are the big residence for harmful germs. Pig meat consists of all types of germs and makes it not at all fit for human consumption.
The religious books do not mention everything about in detail regarding the diseases that result from eating pork. The scientific reasons that we see today are foreseen by the elders out of experience and they have put only the conclusions in the epics and religious books. The verses in Quran have deep positive meaning hidden in them for Muslims.

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  1. The one who wrote this article clearly does not know anything about pigs and pork and should be restricted from commenting any further.

  2. The same reason Jews arent.

  3. @ ksgallyrit

    there is no such thing as father of Islam and your comment is not true.

    please see the website below

    Muslims don’t eat Pork for the following reasons:
    If God, The Creator and the All-Wise, commands us, explicitly, not to eat Pork, then we should obey Him without any debate and without asking why.
    Forbidding eating pork goes back to the time of Abraham. Pork is forbidden also in Judaism.
    The fact that consumption of pork is prohibited in Islam is well known.



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