Why are Muslims not allowed to eat Pork?

Why are Muslims not allowed to eat Pork?

There is a wrong notion that Muslims are restricted from eating pork because they consider the swine as sacred in Islam and hence do not want to eat it. This is denied by most of the Muslims. Any intelligent, self-respecting person would not entertain himself to prefer meat prepared from an animal which always lives in unhygienic conditions. This wrong conception might have been created due to ignorance or dislike towards the Muslim community.
The Islam religion has also preached through Quran certain principles to keep the human body healthy by choosing good food. It is said in Quran5:4 verse not to eat pig meat or dead meat or blood. In order to portray Islamism also as a true religion, Muslims follow the instructions given in the Quran. This fact about swine meat is also mentioned in the Bible. A true religion can only generate ideal groups or communities in a city or state. Islam is also considered as true religion, as it is known to encourage moral, political and economic well being of its followers. This religion also promotes social peace and harmony. Quran also deals with the good health of its believers. The health related instructions in Quran revealing health consciousness have scientific support.
Though Islamism has denied eating the pork keeping in view of the religious advice, it is also scientifically proven that pork is not good for health. Pigs roam in the drainage, water canals and eat even human excreta. Pigs are the big residence for harmful germs. Pig meat consists of all types of germs and makes it not at all fit for human consumption.
The religious books do not mention everything about in detail regarding the diseases that result from eating pork. The scientific reasons that we see today are foreseen by the elders out of experience and they have put only the conclusions in the epics and religious books. The verses in Quran have deep positive meaning hidden in them for Muslims.

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10 Responses to "Why are Muslims not allowed to eat Pork?"

  1. The one who wrote this article clearly does not know anything about pigs and pork and should be restricted from commenting any further.

    1. I think muslims avoid eating pork because pigs ate a body of father of islam as muhammad. they didnt want to eat any part of that. I think muslims have weak immune systems by avoiding eating pork or contact with pigs. They stay with red meat that can lead to colon cancer.

      1. I think you should stop thinking and read what the article just stated, me being a Muslim, I do not eat pork because according to the Qur’an it is unhealthy and will cause much harm to my body. And guess what? more than a thousand years later this still holds true and has been scientifically proven that eating pork is unhealthy. Building your immune system has nothing to do with it and you need to get your facts straight because eating the father of Islam? Really do you even know what Islam is ? And wow colon cancer? Ever heard of cholesterol? Ever heard of the number one cause of death in the United States? You need to do massive research before commenting on things you know nothing of.

        1. if you were in the desert and no food could be found but a big tray of bacon or some ham I bet if you are starving you will eat a pig that is what others had to do to live/ Pork is easy to raise and has a lot of flesh to eat I do not eat it for say just do not like it but i will not say not to eat it. Religion is the reason some folks kill and starve some words about wisdom have a reason some are old now days. Most country folks are raised on chicken and pork thay are not sinners they are just trying to survive/

      2. answer to :ksgallyrit
        answer to :dee

        Dee and ksgallyrit’ s comments are totally untrue.

        ksgallyrit should not use bad words for Father of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and should respect all religions.

        Also Dee should realize that the article is well-written and correct and there is no mistake in this article.

        Dee also perhaps don’t have much knowledge about what Quran/Bible say about pork which is evident from the following three links.

        Pig is ,of course, a dirty animal and filthiest animal on the earth and it is evident since the history of human beings. Even if it is fed with good food and hygienic conditions in farms/sties, still it is a scavenger and its nature cannot be changed. A person eating pork loses morality, modesty and spirit because pig is a shameless animal and it invites other animals to have sex with its own females.
        No other animal in this world is so shameless as pig is.
        Pigs live in dirty and unhygienic conditions. This animal is indulgent in sex and eats everything it gets from somewhere like shit, piss, human excretes, faeces etc.

        Even there are medical reports showing that pork is not at all good for health and causes hypertension and many other diseases caused by tapeworms, ringworm etc. It is not surprising that Americans who take a lot of pork suffer from hypertension.

        Almighty Allah(God of Muslims) has clearly said that you should avoid eating pork as it is not Halal and it is unclean to you. Not only in Quran
        (the holy book of Muslims) but also in Bible(the holy book of Christians), pork is prohibited and has been declared dirty and unclean animal for slaughtering/eating. Even Jews has been asked to refrain from pork as it is filthy animal.

        Following links further elaborate/support the prohibition of pork used as a diet.







        1. Religions should not be respected. They are more a source of evil than good. We are born with a moral compass that evolves with our intelligence, education and scientific understanding. Religion, all of them and not only sexist and violent ones like Islam, keeps people in the dark ages. Sad, but true. Pigs are highly intelligent and sociable creatures that given half the chance are cleaner than humans. They need moisture for their skin – hence they will bathe in mud – that is no more ‘unhygienic’ than you washing yourself with dirt before you go to prayer in the mosque (the Koran advocates this).

  2. @ ksgallyrit

    there is no such thing as father of Islam and your comment is not true.

    please see the website below

    Muslims don’t eat Pork for the following reasons:
    If God, The Creator and the All-Wise, commands us, explicitly, not to eat Pork, then we should obey Him without any debate and without asking why.
    Forbidding eating pork goes back to the time of Abraham. Pork is forbidden also in Judaism.
    The fact that consumption of pork is prohibited in Islam is well known.



    1. Muslims do not just blindly follow, the Qur’an gives specific reasons why one should not eat pork, one of which is that pork is not healthy.

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