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Why are raspberries blue?

Blue raspberry is the usual flavor that is used for candies, syrups, and other foods. This flavor is extracted from the juice that is made from the plant by name Rubus leucodermis. This plant is also called a white bark raspberry. The raspberry flavor, which is artificial, is taken from the juice extracted from the white bark raspberry fruit. This particular flavor lies between a sour and tangy flavors. This flavor when added to the food items will offer a blue color to the food. The color of blue raspberry allows the flavor to be distinguished from the drinks which are flavored by strawberry. The coloring done to the food will aid in dying the mouth with a blue color.

The color blue was chosen as the different colors were used already for something else. They are: lemon, strawberry, grape, berry, orange, lime, cherry, and watermelon. When it was thought seriously about the color that has to be used for raspberry, probably it became a coin-flip decision to keep it as blue because several red shades are already there in the market in use.

Except for certain blueberries, blue corn, and bluefish, there are no blue-colored plants and animals that are edible. The food scientists were not able to find sources in nature that are blue in color for coloring food items. The foods that are dyed with the blue coloring are also not found much. But, in the middle of the 20th century, the lack of blue-flavored foods was solved by the advent of the ice pop, which was used for blue treats. The flavors that were used for ice pops included: cherry, watermelon, strawberry, and raspberry. The ice pop barons started to use blue dyes. They had introduced “blue raspberry” as a synthetic blue food coloring agent. Though the fruit’s original color is blue-black, the synthetic coloring agents added to the flavor makes the food colored as dark blue. Hence, fruit is also called blue raspberry.


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