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Why are Rivers important?

Why are Rivers important?

A river is a body of water that flow towards oceans, seas, lakes or other rivers. This natural body of water is usually a flow of freshwater that is commonly confined to a channel that is made up of beds of stream found in between ecologically termed banks. Rivers may be classified according to its topography, biotic composition, type of whitewater and stream sequence. Rivers are found to have exotic dynamism and shows to be varied as time and space undergoes changes. Overtime, rivers may change in shape, form, size and content. This allows rivers to establish a close, interdependent relationship between the water that flows over a land surface and the land beneath the flowing water. As researches regarding rivers have been conducted, it was revealed from such studies that rivers are dependent on three things. The three identified factors are the availability of surface water, a channel in the ground, and an inclined surface. It was also revealed that rivers are actually a representation of excess precipitation over evaporation in a given land area.
Rivers were found to have imminent importance in terms of geography, biology, history and culture. The existence of rivers has increased the vitality of carrying waters and nutrients to many parts of the universe. Its major role in hydrological cycle as it facilitates drainage is deemed to be an important function and reason of why rivers are important. More so, rivers serve as natural habitats to fishes and other freshwater animals as well as it is able to provide nourishment and channels for transport. Aside from fantastic sceneries that rivers can contribute to nature, it also allows trade, commerce and recreation to take place. And most importantly, it provides electrical energy that many people enjoy up until this modern time.


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