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Why Are Rules Important?

Rules are present in school, in our society, and there are even rules that we set onto ourselves. But what is the importance of rules that were made for us to obey? Why do we need to obey rules? Life would be much easier if we get to do what we want, and nobody would dare tell us to do this or not to do that. Rules come in many forms. They can be oral or written rules.

Why are rules important?

For people in authority to effectively implement the rules, the subjects should first know the importance of rules. The primary importance of rules is to achieve order in society. Rules define boundaries in a society – something to define what is “too much”. Rules also bring equality and fairness to the people. Native Americans have early on realized the importance of rules. They have defined rules as guidelines on what should be done and what should not be done. This helped them avoid chaos in their society; hence, their society thrived. Although their rules were undocumented, the Native Americans still managed to implement and disseminate the importance of rules in their society. Their rules have maintained their civilization, one can definitely say. In ancient times, rules were normally unwritten. However, chaos occurred and the people realized the need for written laws.

The Constitution is the ultimate law of the land. It is composed of written laws to bring peace, order, and equality to the citizens and ultimately, to the country. As citizens, it is our role to be aware of the written rules and to realize the importance of these rules. Rules are present to define limits; however, not necessarily followed. The awareness of the importance of these rules is the very first step we can take to achieve a more unified and peaceful country.


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