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Why did Hitler hate the Jews?

Why did Hitler hate the Jews?

Hitler was known for his anti Semitism, but he was not alone in doing so in the 1930’s. The whole world was not accepting the Jewish refugees who tried to escape, while the people under Hitler’s control willingly assisted those who refused the Jews. Racial affect is believed to be the main reason behind anti Semitism as a European tradition. In his book ‘Mein Kampf’, Hitler said that when he was in Linz where he grew up he had an opinion about Jews as a mere religion, but when he moved to Vienna, he was influenced by the anti Semitism of the Viennese press. This could have been an odd beginning for him, who later grew to be history’s biggest anti Semite.

Immediately after World War I, and at the start of Hitler’s political career, Germans were fighting among themselves. There was a civil war between the ‘Reds’ and other Germans. Hitler’s Love for his fellow Germans was sincere. Hitler despised the divisive ‘class war’ aspect of Marxism. When he found that everyone who is preaching Marxist class war was a Jew, he began to view them as destructors of the German people whom he loved. The Germans were deceived by the outsiders. The only reason for the division among German people in the anarchic conditions after World War I, were Jews preaching class war. He had seen Jews being problematic in various other situations in the past. Hitler has explained his anti Semitism to be a great spiritual upheaval. He says in his book that, with great reluctance, he developed hatred against Jews, and lost his tolerance towards them.

Apart from all this, there are few theories behind Hitler’s hatred towards Jews. He had two Jew friends in his childhood, and he did not like them, but the reason is not clear why he disliked them. The other theory is that Hitler’s father had two wives, and one of them was Jewish. Because of her, Hitler’s mother was abused by his father. One journalist wrote: ‘Hitler believed that ‘Jewish poison’ has done the same thing to his beloved Germany in 1918, as what ‘cancer poison’ had done to his beloved mother in 1907.”

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