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Why Do Abused Women Stay?

Why Do Abused Women Stay?

Most women are known to be very loving, patient and sweet. This may also be one of the reasons why they can afford to stay even if they are hurt or abused. This goes especially to women who have their old families and children to bear.

These days, there are several women who are abused by their partners or husbands. But they can stay because they are considering all the possible negative things that may come as an impact to their children. Sometimes it is also because of their too much love for their husband that they prefer to get hurt rather than to loose their husbands.

In point of fact there are several possible reasons why abused women stay. Anther possible reason is that they have low self esteem and that they believe that they can’t anymore live a normal life after loosing their man. For some this is completely insanity, but the reality is that there are really women with this mindset.

It could also be because of the reason that they can’t provide for their children. They will just persevere for the abuse of their partners for the sake of their children, because they can’t afford to provide for their needs as well as they can’t afford to involve them in a broken family. In a point of fact this is a practical reason hence can completely be avoided depending on the fighting spirit of a certain woman.

Aside from being patient, sweet, and caring, being skilled in house chores is also one of the woman’s skills by nature. They could use such skills to provide the needs of their children if only they want to and of course if they have the courage to do so. After all, human have the right to protect themselves from harm and it is extended to their siblings.


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