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Why do african american dominate sports?

Why do african american dominate sports?

Otherwise known as Black Americans, African Americans are inhabitants of the United States of America that constitute the black population of the Africans. Formerly known as American Negroes, the African Americans were discovered to be from the ancestry of the African captives during the slavery era in the history of America. Although some portions come directly from African, Caribbean, Central American or South American nations, mainly for immigration purposes, most of the African Americans residing in the United States originated from the African slaves. It was during the 17th century that African settlers were discovered in the state of Virginia, working as slaves and labourers. Many years thereafter, the Africans worked their way to raising crops and cattle to ultimately find and buy their freedom. Along with this, Africans started to raise families with other Africans and sometimes intermarrying with Native Americans or English settlers. Throughout history, African Americans fought against discrimination, exploitation and oppression. It was not until the 20th century came that movement for rights of Black Americans successfully progressed.

Today, African Americans are highly visible in any aspects of the world. May it be in politics, economics, industries, businesses and entertainment medium, African Americans have obviously survived the long time strife of establishing an independent identity. Even in the world of sports, African Americans are highly participative and are even excelling in any type of sports. Their domination is indeed palpable nowadays. The reason why African Americans dominate sports is because they are naturally strong, athletic and are genetically better in sports compared to other races. More so, their large body frames and sturdy physical attributes enable them to engage in any kinds of sport that require great strength and agility.

Their positive attitude to success also contributes to their domination.


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