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Why do Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Why do Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Americans prefer to eat turkey on thanksgiving holiday and they have many reasons for doing this. There are few other birds popular than turkey to be used in thanksgiving dinner. People feel that the main meat that is affordable for the major meal at the time of feasts is selective. Though there are so many kinds of meat available for the people to celebrate with at the time of feast, being economical was equally important as that of the celebration. This is followed even previously as well as now.

During the time of any big celebration and in a traditional gathering, several people get together at one place and have dinner. The same happens even on Thanksgiving Day. As many people have to be fed this day, it is necessary to order for or prepare more quantity of meat. It would still more be advantageous if the meat source exists in large quantities and bought at low prices. Cows cannot be slaughtered on the day of the feast as they give humans milk if they are alive. Chicken were also not used for making the meat as they can provide the humans eggs that form important part of their own food source.

Turkeys are generally bought during the spring and grown up big till the day of thanksgiving. Turkey meat was also used to prepare meat pies and foods that were stored to be eaten during the entire winter. Turkey was considered as a best choice for the early settlers who desired to have the meat of a special bird on special occasions.
Thanksgiving was the festival brought from early American settlers who came from England. They passed many of their customs and traditions to the New World when they came from England. Among their customs, eating turkey during holidays and special days was one of them. It was not only the Americans who have the habit of eating turkey in the festivals, the English who have arrived in America as settlers continued their own custom.

In the United States, turkey meat was sold and eaten more on holidays and especially on Thanksgiving Day. Turkey is meant for holidays and feasts in American culture. Turkeys are not used for every day meal. Instead, they were used in sandwiches on regular basis. Preparation of food using turkey during special occasions like Thanksgiving was important for Americans as part of their culture.


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