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Why Do Amish men grow Beards?

Why Do Amish men grow Beards?

Some of the most interesting and important people in the world are those that grow up and live in the Amish communities across the world. These people are completely self-sufficient and rely on only the things that God has given to them through nature and their own natural talents and abilities. They do not believe in delving into the chaotic and media run world that most other people find themselves locked into on a day to day basis. Thus, creating a safe and simple life for themselves and their family members.

One of the things that I always found interesting about the Amish people, specifically the men, is that you will always see them with these heaping beards and hair growing from their heads. The reason behind all of this hair and why they never seem to cut it or shave their faces is because they actually do not believe in razor blades for one reason or another. This is all tied into their simple way of living and not using products that are not naturally given to us by God. I can buy into that and I think it is something that other cultures should maybe take a look into.

The Amish culture is a beautiful thing in my opinion and there is a reason why you do not hearing about any crime or terrible things happening to them. They seem to keep to themselves and never get themselves into situations where things could or would possibly go badly like you find in just about every other culture around the globe. These people do it the right way and seem to live each day to its fullest with a smile on their faces. They are hard working people and always give it their all when deciding to take on a task. This world is a better place because of the Amish.


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