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Why Do Ants Swarm?

Why Do Ants Swarm?

Scientists that studies ants can come up with a few explanations why this ‘little superman’s, attack in hordes or gather food in swarms. They believe that the colony think in swarms, or the most appropriate word for it is ‘swarm intelligence, and sometimes referred as ‘colony intelligence,. An individual ant is believed to be not as smart as other people think they are. They ‘heavily, rely on this so called swarm intelligence to handle their daily activities.

Although there is no explanation on how this intelligence of self organization comes from. The system works for the ants. Many people believed that the queen is the one that issues orders around the colony. The truth is that the Queen’s only obligation and role to the colony is to lay eggs. The workings of the colony from the workers, soldiers, helpers are decided by the ‘whole colony,. This characteristic makes them more complex, rather than being mindless creepy crawlers.

Whether it is their natural instinct or not, an ant will do what everyone in their colony do. A good example is when looking for food. They would travel in great distances just to hunt food and carry it back to their nest. Everyone works as part of an organization and they do this for the greater good. Protecting the nest from invaders or raids (other ants) is also done in accordance with this colonies decision. They self organize themselves depending on the situation and would play their roles accordingly.

That is the thing that makes ants so interesting. An ant may not be intelligent as an individual, but together they can be unstoppable and their effectiveness may exceed expectations. Ants are really amazing creatures. People can learn so much from the ants and the ants doesn’t even know about it.


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