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Why Do Armpits Smell?

Why Do Armpits Smell?

We have all been faced with the unfortunate event where either we or someone that is standing near us is having a body odor issue that is percolating from one’s armpits. The reasons behind this foul odor may vary from person to person based on their very own genetics and body makeup, but also can have to do such things as having a specific diet as well.

First and foremost, the easiest way to avoid such a stench that comes from your armpit would be to, obviously, apply deodorant as regularly as possible. Now, that might not always help to completely erase the odor altogether, but it does go a long way in masking it for a certain period of time and that is something that the people around you would most definitely be very thankful for.

The body is a very funny thing when it comes to producing its different scents and smells. The armpit is an area that is almost always sweaty and enclosed within itself or a shirt, so it is one of the easiest places that could, with the help of friction and natural perspiration, develop the bawdy scents that we all try to avoid. It is very natural, but unfortunately the human body does not let off a more flowery scent when left unattended to.

Trying to avoid these embarrassing smells can take some time and quite a bit of money if that is what is written in your genetic code. I have actually heard of people having some types of surgery to take care of the sweat glands, which in turn would probably have some effect on the scent issues as well. That is not something that I would ever recommend, of course, but it is one of the solutions that people have looked into in the past.


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  1. is a 6 years old girl armpit nomral smelling like a teenager?

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