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Why Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

by charm


Why Do Atheists Celebrate Christmas?

Traditionally, Christmas has basically been a Christian holiday. After all, Christmas is when the Nativity of Jesus Christ is celebrated. For a fact, atheists are called ‘atheist, because they don’t believe that Jesus exists, and those who do, don’t even regard him as anyone special. For short, atheists are not Christians.

But why do some bother participating in such a Christian holiday? The answer is quite simple,¦ It’s a double standard to think that atheists are killjoys or scrooges.

There is much of a debate among atheists whether they should celebrate Christmas or not. Some do so because they are out as atheists, while some do in order not to cause an argument of fuss among their otherwise religious family members. Some do so because it has been a tradition or simply because they enjoy the holiday.

In its most basic description, atheism is living a life without God. For most of them, they look at evidence to make up conclusions in their mind. However, just because they do not believe in a creator or biblical miracles and so on; it does not mean that they reject the entirety of religion, which includes the love for mankind or universal laws of love and justice.

In the same context as Christmas, atheists have seen that it has many great aspects, which are worth celebrating like family, love and friendship which if taken into account, nobody in their right mind would have an objection to. The only difference is that they do what some people might condemn which is to not bother with the religious side of the occasion.

It is apparent that the relationship between atheists and Christmas today is complicated and there is not reason to think that the tides will change soon, but so long as they are accepted as ‘normal,, they will tend to avoid doing things, which will cause them to be singled out and instead, be united with the religious majority despite of their irreconcilable differences.

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