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Why do atheists not believe in god?

There are many religions all over the world. There are several beliefs and traditions. It is really difficult to consider one single religion as true and correct. Similarly, it is also difficult to consider one God as true. Several religious beliefs worship several Gods. Sometimes atheists say that they are confused about the reliability of any one God. Atheists think that all these religions and Gods are wrong and not true. Atheists also believe that the religious principles exist only to frighten people and not to show them any path of life. According to them all the Gods are unreal as every devotee of every religion speaks high of their God. All Gods cannot be true and great. So, atheists think that God does not exist.

There are some situations where an ardent follower of a religious group after few years stops believing the God though he was worshipping Him for so many years. When people see their expectations declined and when something very bad and serious happens to the health of our beloved in spite of our repeated prayers, the person can stop believing in God. This happens when the follower thinks that God exists only to fulfill our wishes and for nothing else. If his wishes are not fulfilled for long time then the person might stop believing in God.

Atheists also say that God does not exist because if He had existed then there would not be any suffering on earth. Some atheists do not believe in God just because religion stands basically on belief though there is a religion which stands not just on belief but on evidences. As God exist depending on the belief that He exists, some atheists do not encourage any religious activity.  The religion which provides evidence for the existence of God has to be patiently studied like all other sciences and understood properly in order to believe in God which is not easy for atheists to do. Hence, atheists do not believe in God.


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  1. Why atheists do not believe may seem like a simple answer, but I think there could be several reasons why atheists do not believe in God. I think they are confused, angry, hurt, misinformed or have been taught incorrectly about God and disillusioned. I think it is easier for them to deny that God exists because they lack understanding. It is easier to reject what we don’t understand than it is to study and search for truth.

    Two, some may be disillusioned by what they see in the religious world around them. People are not supposed to be our example of God, yet so many people who have never studied the Bible, or have never been exposed to the Bible can only go by what they see. For others, it may because they have been deeply offended by other Christians or some religious person in some way. But there is no reason to be angry with God simply because another human offended us or because we find it hard to believe.

    Another thing we should consider is this: that the One True God of Heaven is not only unique, but He is the Creator of all things that exist, except sin. Once He created the first tree, the first man, the first animal or plant, it reproduced after its own kind. Inanimate objects however are formed, and do not reproduce. If we look carefully, every living thing has a seed that makes reproduction (after its own kind) possible. Also, if you will notice, hybrids cannot reproduce. You cannot reproduce life if the seed is not there unless it is recreated by man made means. Everything that science creates is created out of something that was already in existence.

    Evolution is a fallacy because, who put the DNA in every living object? If there is no God and no Intelligent Creator, where would evolution have gotten its intelligence from to know: how to create the DNA and which DNA to give cats, dogs, humans, trees, plants fish, worms, bugs….. each has a unique DNA even if there are some similarities. If evolution is real, how did evolution know when a cat should become a dog, or a horse or the “next” object and when to “evolve” again into something else with completely different DNA and environmental surroundings. How did evolution know what environment it would take for a palm tree to grow in as opposed to a cactus in the dessert? All of that took careful planning and intelligence. The universe is much too complex to just have happened randomly and then work so consistently. The human body, especially the brain and the eye and the soul (mind, will and emotions) of mankind are also very complex and could not happen by chance.

    Think of it in this way: Each one of us has our OWN unique personality, our OWN DNA, our OWN peculiar ways of thinking or doing things. To think that God cannot be unique is not only wrong, it is arrogant–by that I mean, if we are unique and one of a kind, which we clearly are, most certainly God is. There is none like Him. To think that a block of wood or a stone or other material could hear, think or care is foolish to say the least. Just because it is shaped by the hands of man to look like a god and given a name does not mean that that stone or piece of wood has any more power than the stones on a playground or a log in a fireplace. The only power it has is ascribed to it by the person believing it has power. Inanimate objects do not have power! I do not say these things to be disrespectful.

    • Excellent understanding , thank you

    • Cathy,
      I can assure you that I am in no way confused, angry, hurt, misinformed or have I been taught incorrectly about god OR disillusioned. I have read the entire Bible, and THIS is the reason that I am an Athiest, and VERY proud of it!!! I can tell by what you have said here that there is no reason to even try to explain the truth to you, but that is actually a good thing because the Bible was actually written to help control people such as yourself.

    • I do not believe in God because there is extraordinary evidence that God is man-made. Those of you who study the bible…need to ask: who wrote the bible? and don’t tell me God did…that is not an answer. and those of you who only read the bible…unfortunately have very little understanding about Evolution which is NOT a theory but FACT. and saying that you don’t believe because you do not come from Monkeys is an ignorant uniformed answer. It is not the crux of Evolution. It is important to know why you believe what you believe not just because someone says to. History is riddled with oppression and atrocities all in the name of God. Learn about the history of Christianity…you might learn something you didn’t know and these truths should cause questions….and questions should never be viewed as sin. and because i’m interested in knowledge and science does not mean i’m angry and disillusioned…to the contrary learning about the evolution of life is the most beautiful and rewarding experience that causes one absolute wonder…more so, a thousand times more so, than believing in some magical being.

      • Claudia, the Bible was written by regular people, who were told by God what to write(it was obviously inspired by God since many old testament books predicted the ends of civilizations way after the writers’ time). If evolution is a fact, please show me an example of a one species becoming a different one. Explain to me why a giraffe’s neck is so long. Because the neck of the Giraffe extends so high into the air, the heart must contain an extraordinarily strong pump to force the blood from the lower body to the highest reaches of the brain. Thus, the first capability unique to the giraffe is a heart that is also a most powerful pump.However, when the giraffe lowers its neck to drink, the blood that is circulating in its neck will suddenly come rushing down by the force of gravity. This sudden rush of blood is so strong, it would quickly cause the giraffe to suffer a brain aneurysm, killing the animal instantly. Therefore, the second capability is that spigots are built into his neck arteries that instantly close down whenever the animal lowers its neck to drink water. However, when the giraffe abruptly raises its head after drinking, the blood would flow so rapidly downward through the force of gravity that the animal would suffer a sudden loss of blood to the brain, thus causing him to pass out cold. However, God has built a third capability that prevents this from occurring. The brain has a sponge-like material just behind the brain that has gradually been absorbing blood all the time the giraffe has been drinking. When the giraffe suddenly raises his head, that blood very slowly drains out of the brain, thus keeping the giraffe from passing out, while the spigots open up and the blood begins to flow naturally. Three very complicated, but cooperating capabilities had to come together at once in the giraffe. If only one part of this existed through a mutation, the giraffe would die. There are many other creatures that prove evolution is not a fact. It is true that many atrocities have been committed in the name of God, but that does not mean God asked for them or reasons to do them are found in the Bible. Many atrocities have been commited in the name of science(Adolf Hitler, athiest himself, tricked lutherans in Germany that he was christian.) The more we learn from science, the more complicated things get. There is evidence for intelligent design. Nobody looks at the pyramids and thinks they are naturally occuring mountains. Life, science and our universe is very complex and demand design. They couldn’t come from random processes

    • Cathy, and ‘JesusLoveU’, Your lack of understanding when it comes to the facts of evolution astounds me. I cannot comprehend how you have not been taught the scientific facts. I am making the assumption that you are from America – correct me if I’m worng – because over here in Britain we learn from Year 1 how evolution works.

      I am simply flabergasted at the naivety and gullibility of so many members of the human race – open your eyes! They used to think the world was flat and then they learned better. They used to think sacrifices would bring rain and then they realized they were wrong. It’s about time for America, and many other countries, to cath up with the majority of Europeans and realise that they are wrong about an all seeing all hearing being they have named God. It is honestly like something out of a fairy story – so how have so many people fallen into this lethal trap of religion? I would love to know!

      As for your giraffe comment, ‘JesusLovesU’, you are woefully missinformed. If you would open up a science textbook you would realise why you are so wrong, but as it seems you were more interested in the bible than school work I shall explain. Giraffe’s without spiggots built into their neck would die, as you correctly said. And I’m sure you can realise that a dead giraffe cannot reproduce. Therefore it is not God’s will that the giraffe is living – it is a process called survival of the fittest. Animals that cannot survive die, and those that do survive mate to produce stronger offspring. DNA develops as its passes through generations over millions of years.

      And as for your cactus debarcle, that really is primary school level. The desert isnt made to suit the cactys – the cactus has adapted to suit the desert. I hope you can understand that much.

      Any questions I will be happy to answer as an educated athiest.

      Sorry if I have offended.

    • Atheists seek tangible truths, I am open to any religion if it is proven to be the truth but unfortunately it all boils down to faith. I have no faith in anything, if something cannot be seen, held, felt etc. I have to question its true existence. Today this becomes that much more difficult due to technology but if a god came to me and showed me a true miracle, in real time, and beyond a doubt it was not a trick I would kneel to that god.

      I have lived 59 years and looked for truth as long as I can remember. Preaching is not truth, written words are not truth, statues, stories, and interpretation are not truths. There is no tangible truth that I have ever come to find.

      They fight, steal, lie, cheat, rape but yet call themselves religious. This is true for all but the most primitive peoples on the planet throughout history and the present day. But they will be forgiven and of course they are only human after all, lol.

      I know it is hard to think that we will die and game over, or things that are beyond your mental grasp must be the work of a god. Children are indoctrinated into the belief system and grow to be the next generation of misguided adults that are not open minded.

      All we want is the truth, we do not ask you to change but we do ask you stop flinging rhetoric at us. I listen to beautiful Christian music but I notice that a lot of it repeats itself over and over.. why? Or symbols on the back of the car, so other club members know who you are? Or… are you hoping to trying to brainwash us as well? No matter, we seek tangible truth, and no icons, or verse will change that.

      Give me truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me……Opps there we go again, lol.

  2. It should not be so difficult to believe there could only be one true God when everything else in life, including our own life is unique. Everything has an original. If there is only one original, that means all others are duplicates, copycats, imitations, fakes, frauds, impostors….call them what you will, but they are NOT THE ORIGINAL. Therefore there is and can only be One True God.

  3. Oh, and Cathy, I would also like to add that you shouldn’t speak on the behalf of others, especially when you don’t have all the facts.

  4. I totally agree with Sherri, Cathy in my eyes, you and those who do believe in the bible are disillusioned, confused and misinformed. Did you even read the whole skript?
    This book was written 2000 yrs ago, and you still believe in those words? Misinformation and lack of education drove the people at that time to believed everything what the preacher said. You, and all the other believers should take advantage of history documentaries and educate themselfs in history of religion.. do you know antpything about the dark ages? The inquisition? The crusades? The Christian religion is based on lies and manipulation.
    And it is sad that now days people still have no idea what they actually believe in.
    Cathy, educate yourself in your own faith first before talking about those who know, and have chosen not to be confused anymore!

  5. i think jade and sherri, cant say what people are just because they believe in the bible just because it was written 2000 years ago it doesnt matter because it is still important so some people. if you dont believe in god thats your opinion but dont try change others.

    • I would like to pose a question to many atheists and even religious people alike… Do we have a strong idea of what faith is, as opposed to religion? I feel that the two are getting merged together in a unique way that is consequently dividing the many. I am personally someone with faith in God. I have many friends thats are atheist though. I am not speaking for all atheists, but I feel that their main issue is not with God, but with the negative conotations that come with the word “Religion.” I would have to agree that many religions do create more detriment than good. I feel that the ugliness of religion can inhibit many peoples ability to keep an open mind to God’s existence. On the other hand, Faith is what keeps me breathing. I ask myself the simple question such as… Is there beauty in this life? Is there intelligence in the way things work? Can there be complexity and simplicity coexisting? Does love create more love? Does hatred ever create love or more hatred? These answers for me create a picture of God. I would encourage anyone out there to think about what God and Faith really means. Strip away the ugliness. Do not overcomplicate your thoughts or listen to others. Ask these questions yourself and try to find the most logical answer. But please, do not let the stupidity or arrogance of others stop you from having a personal relationship with God. If your perspective on religion is blocking you, start with small questions first and pray for guidance. If you don’t want to ever ask, you may never find the answers. Ultimately you are going to have to open up and want it.

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