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Why do Auburn have two mascots

College athletics provide the students with a breather in between the academic loads that college gives. One thing that the university students do not lack, though, is school spirit, greatly summoned by the school chants, colors, and mascots. Auburn University in Alabama, United States is no exception when one talks about tradition-rich college athletics and blazing school spirit. Auburn University, or simply AU, is a public university in Alabama and it houses around 25,000 students – one of the largest student populations in the state.

AU cheers and mascots

One can commonly see university students sporting their school colors, whether or not they are out to support their school’s team in a game. Apart from the school colors, the school’s cheers and mascots inevitably and effectively ignites one’s school spirit. The cheers become the battle cry and the mascots become the heroic figure. Auburn is known for the tiger mascot; hence, they are officially known to be the Auburn Tigers. This lovable yet fierce tiger came to life from the creation of artist Phil Neal in the cover of the 1957 football media guide. Auburn fans call their mascot Aubie. However, one can hear the Auburn Tigers cheer on “War Eagle” in the collegiate games. Because of this, the Auburn teams are at times referred to as the “Auburn War Eagles”. Now here is the difference. The “War Eagle” is the battle cry and tiger mascot is their heroic figure. There are several stories on how the battle cry came about but none of these stories were proven true. The most popular one is that the battle cry came from the very first football game played by Auburn against Georgia, where an eagle, owned by a war veteran in the crowd took flight just as the team was charging down the field. It was believed that the eagle guided the Tigers to victory as the crowd chanted “War Eagle”.

It may be confusing seeing the Auburn Tigers in blue and gold, having a tiger for a mascot yet hearing the people chant for an eagle. But for a football team that has innumerable championships, the confusion seems to work. For the times when the team is at their lowest, they have their mascot Aubie to challenge the Auburn crowd to roar their battle cry and the War Eagle chant to propel the athletes to keep charging, to keep moving forward and to soar higher than their highest – just like an eagle does.


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  1. Auburn’s colors are ORANGE and BLUE… Not GOLD.

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