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Why Do Bats Sleep Upside Down?

Why do bats sleep upside down?

Bats can be seen sleeping upside down. Though all the bats are not same, they seem to hang down from the tree branches. The bats appear to be sleeping upside down on the branches. They do this probably because they have to fly. Most of the bats have to fly up and hence they remain hanging on the tree branches. If they reach the ground they might find it difficult to fly from the ground. To gain the momentum with which they have to fly they have to begin by falling into the air from a very high perch.

Hanging from the tree branch is a solution to their flight as falling to the ground will save more amount of energy. They are also known to have special claws which are used to hold them tight when they are hanging on the tree. One more reason for the bats to hang on the tree is that it will allow them to keep them away from many other animals. This will help the bats to be protected from those animals which are predators.

Bats are seen mostly to be either flying or hanging upside down on the trees probably because their wings span very heavy and the legs are not sufficiently strong to carry out these functions for a long time. The bats will take off the weight from the limbs by hanging upside down. The breast feeding young ones will also do not have any other choice except to hang in along with mom. The bats need not spend much energy for hanging upside down due to the talons that are constructed in a unique manner. They rest on the talons which are surrounding the surface. The bats will be in a relaxed position while the talons will not get released and the bats will not fall off.

The bats are nocturnal creatures and they hunt for the prey in the night and take rest in the evenings in a relaxed position by hanging upside down.


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