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Why Do Bees Make Honey?

Why Do Bees Make Honey?

Bees are busy bees. They are one of the busiest, and most interesting insects ever created on eEarth. Funny though, they make everyone know how hardworking they are by buzzing it everywhere. But what is most peculiar about these tiny insects is that with their small build, they are able to produce one of the world’s most extraordinary sweet substance we call honey. Honey is known to be used as a sweetener for food or drinks, because it is naturally sweet. It has amazing health benefits which can heal wounds, treat ulcers and now, honey is famous for being a vital component for moisturizers, creams, shampoos, amongst others things.

But let’s not forget that without these busy little bees, there will be no honey supply at all. Which brings us to the question, “Wwhy do bees make honey? Surely not just to supply humans their sweeteners?

Honey is in fact the bees’ food. Bees are self-sufficient insects. They do not prey on other insects like the ladybugs that eat aphids, nor like the spiders that eat insects that become trapped in their web . They make their own food just by extracting nectar from flowers which they need to utilize to make honey and to store it up as food in their colony or beehive.

Bees work hard to produce honey and keep an ample stock in their hive as it is their own way of preparing for the long winter. They do not hibernate like the bears and other animals, but flying outside the hive during the winter is impossible because of the extreme cold temperature. Plus, There are no flowers in bloom during winter, so there is no supply of nectar available for the bees to produce honey.

Bees produce a larger more amount of honey than what they need to last them thru winter or throughout the year and that it is the reason why people can harvest the excess honey and process it according to our needs.


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