Why Do Birds Have Feathers?

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Why Do Birds Have Feathers?

Birds are one of the most amazing creatures created. The ability to fly and get to other places makes this creation great. A glimpse of the sky in the morning seeing birds can be the most refreshing greeting one could have to start the day.

Feathers are basically a part of bird’s body. Some evolutionist claim that birds evolve from reptiles and the scales of reptiles are what feathers in birds came to be. Some although contradicts this statement as they examine both the structure of a bird and reptile has difference and said it is unscientific to relate a reptile to a bird. But nevertheless, let us answer the question why do birds have feathers, regardless of its origin.

The feathers in birds are its major part of protection in the body. It gives much due protection from nature like the sun rays, wind, rain and injury or harm from nature’s natural course as its skin is delicate. It also serves as an insulator in cold weather and it traps air pockets as it is in flight. Some birds do use their feathers to build nests. For these reasons, the feathers in birds do help a lot in a bird’s survival, just like the humans that we have clothing to protect us and keep us warm.

The feathers in birds also do have layers with its specific function. The first layer is called contour feathers, which gives the color that birds have and its major source of protection. The second is down feathers, acts as an insulator that as air enters the body, it traps air as it nears the body. The last type is the flight feathers, located on the wings and the tail, used for clipping just like the human’s hands. With all these information, now we know why birds have feathers.

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