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Why do Bones crack?

Why do Bones crack?

Bones are rigid structures of the body that makes up the skeletal system. Made up of three tissue layers, bones have five main functions that are essential for man to meet the demands of the body. Bones provide the body’s framework for support. Another function of bones is to protect the organs from direct contact to external stimuli such s the skull protecting the brain and the ribs guarding the heart and the lungs. More so, the bones function for the body’s movement. Along with the tendons, ligaments, cartilages and muscles, bones work together with these parts to achieve movement in a three dimensional area. The bones also act as storage for fats and other essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and growth factors needed for the body’s development. Lastly, bones form and produce blood and blood components that are most significant for man to live.

Bones are as significant as that with other parts of the body. However, there are instances and factors that contribute to making the bones more prone to cracking and breaking. Calcium and phosphorus play a great role in maintaining bones to be strong. Lesser amounts of these elements in the body may cause the bones to crack easily from external force or manipulation. Another reason for bones to crack is that a gas formed within the bone is released. This gas is formed due to the variety of gases that is contained within the joint that forms a bubble when pressure changes and vacuum effect is created. The bubble rapidly collapses thus cracking the bone.

Other experts claim that repeated stress or incorrect forms of exercise can cause the bones the crack. That is why, one should be extra careful in doing any activity to prevent damage of the bones.


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