Why do Bruises Itch?

Why do Bruises Itch?

Bruises that itch don’t really have an accurate explanation. Bruises might itch if the bruises include scrape. For instance, falling down the stairs might cause bruises with scrape that can make it really itchy especially when it’s about to heal.

However, some explanations claim that bruises sometimes itch because of histamine. It is one of the substances released to cause swelling or inflammation. Similar to cuts, it becomes so itchy when it’s on the point of healing. Because scabs from cuts or bruises with scrapes contain histamine that naturally irritates skin and causes it to itch.

Experts speculated that this is the body’s natural method to help the body get rid off the scab. When cuts or bruises are on the brink of healing it feels itchy because its scabs already served its purpose. You scratch it and the scab falls off. As a fact, it is not really advisable to scratch the scab because if the cut or bruises is totally healed, it will eventually fall off itself. There are times that we can not really avoid scratching it, but keep in mind that the more we scratch these scabs, it is possible that it will aggravate the cut or bruise as it can be irritated.

You can lessen the itch of a scab by doing one of these things. First, you can apply an anti-itch ointment or anti-biotic ointment that contains topical analgesic. This will stop the itching and help the scab in healing. Second, you can also massage a drop of Vitamin E oil into the scab. The gentle massage will relieve the itching. The Vitamin E oil will make the scab softer that will result to a relieving sensation of the itchy scab. Remember, if itchiness persists and you feel that it’s beyond norm; visit your doctor immediately for abrupt and appropriate medication.

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