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Why do Buddhists Shave Their Heads?

Why do Buddhists Shave Their Heads?

A lot of people say that your hair is your crowning glory. Though it applies to a majority of people, I guess this notion does not apply to some,¦ the Buddhists. I guess for this minority group there is more to happiness and real beauty than in its physical form.
Though contemporary Buddhists wear the same clothing as normal people, they don’t differ in the teachings of Buddha that they abide to. The Buddhists that have a great distinction are those who follow a monastic life. You can tell a Buddhist monk, man or woman, leading a monastic life through their shaved heads. Ideally, these Buddhists are expected to be ascetics or self-denying individuals, owning only a few things like an offering bowl and their robes. Furthermore, if you do notice them walking around in the streets, which are a very likely situation to happen with their attention-grabbing overalls and shaven heads, they would go approach people to ask them for food. Without any qualms or complaints, they would take whatever is offered to them and won’t beg for anything. This practice as said by many is a humbling activity for them which also give an opportunity for people to contribute and in turn gain virtue.
While most people spend much of their time trying to look like Hollywood hotties and hunks with the latest and most fashionable hairstyles and clothing out in the market, both male and female Buddhist monks shave their heads because they have reached a point in their spirituality where they are no longer concerned with aesthetic beauty or in simpler terms, outward beauty. All they are really concerned about are solely their spiritual lives and gaining enlightenment. This is the Buddha’s way of life. The shaven head is actually the Buddhist reminder of his found life and thus commitment lead a simple Sangha life.


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