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Why do bulldogs stink?

Bulldogs are popular pets because of their unique and wrinkly appearance.  Some people refer to these natural skin wrinkles as similar to baby folds.  Bulldog owners and lovers often chose their pets simply because these dogs look cute, cuddly, and unique.  Beyond the unique appearance of bulldogs though, many pet owners have noticed that bulldogs frequently stink or smell bad.  Many people even claim that bulldogs are the most stinky dog breed and some cannot stand in their presence.  When the experts are asked on this subject, many of them will point out the unique feature in bulldogs that make them prone to smelling bad.  The wrinkles or skin folds are considered to be the main culprit in terms of bulldog odor.  Not that these skin folds are stinky themselves, they are said to be more prone to skin diseases secondary to inadequate grooming.  The skin folds basically become areas of concern in terms of bacteria and so the bulldog’s skin easily get diseases and infection and this will greatly contribute to the foul smell.

Ear problems are also common for bulldogs and when these dogs have some wounds or infections in their ears, it will also bring out an instant bad smell for the dogs.  These ear problems are also commonly attributed to the high number of skin folds in the ear area of bulldogs.  For this very reason, bulldog owners are advised to meticulously clean or brush up the skin folds or wrinkles in their pets.

As with other dog breeds, the stink in bulldogs may simply be attributed to oral problems.  Bad breath is not exclusive to bulldogs and this may be the only reason that people’s pets smell so bad.  Aside from inadequate oral hygiene, foul smell from the bulldog’s mouth may also be caused by internal problems like kidney disease or diabetes for example.  In these cases, bulldog owners are typically advised to have their pets examined by veterinarians to treat the internal problem and ultimately cure their foul smell.


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