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Why Do Bulls Buck?

Why Do Bulls Buck?

Bulls naturally are made by God to buck; otherwise they will cease to be bulls if they won’t buck. This explanation is for grade school kids only. Yet if we go deeper in view of the bull’s bucking, we might find out that they buck due to possible reasons based on the thorough study of certain animal experts and various veterinarians. They believe that bulls buck because it is one of their defense mechanism, to attract attention, to fight for their lives, to get even with another bull or simply too show off its strength.

One expert said that bulls are generally proud animals and for them, bucking makes them flaunt their strength and show off their ability to do something that boosts their capacity to outsmart anyone else. They are very strong and powerful, thus once a bull bucks its handler or anyone near it must be very cautious and careful enough in avoiding the bucking of the bull lest he may get hurt or even get killed.

As a defense mechanism and a form of fighting for it to survive, the bull will buck in order to fight for his life. Once it feels a danger coming upon him, the bull will begin to buck and do all the possible rowdy movements in order to fight the enemy. Sometimes those bull fighters wearing or holding a red cloth which extremely triggers the bull to buck and get unruly must be very expert and professional in dealing and facing these bulls most especially when these bulls do its bucking non-stop. Finally, the bull bucks in order for it to catch or attract the attention of its handler or simply to show off something that will make its handler pay attention to its need. As a consequence, the handler may give the bull an extra food or drink once the bull won’t stop bucking.


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