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Why Do Camels Have 2 Humps?

Why Do Camels Have 2 Humps?

Camels are fascinating animals because of their humps. Long time ago, camels are used as transportation when people want to travel to far distances. Camels have humps because these are the places where fats are stored. It’s the fat that is stored in the humps and not the water as what others believe in. The stored fat helps the camel to survive after a long and hot travel. That is why, people in the deserts usually ride on camels because these animals can tolerate long walks and too much heat of the desert.

There are two types of camels, the Arabian and Bactrian camels. Arabian camels or also known as dromedary have only one hump. This is the most common type of camel. These can be found in Africa and the Middle East. The Bactrian camel which comes from Asia has two humps. These camels are native in Mongolia. What’s so interesting about Bactrian camels, aside from the two humps is its thick coat of each that grows every winter. This coat protects the camel from cold. Every spring, this hair just falls off. Bactrian camels are also mild-tempered than those having one hump. As of now, Bactrian camels only count 400-800 heads. Biologists also experiment in possible cross breeding of one-hump and two-hump camels. But then the result is a one large hump. This is the reason why two-hump camels are rare and expensive than the Dromedary.

Camels are very interesting animals because of its unique characteristics. It can last for 50 years and can stand up to 6 feet. Its hump can rise more than 2 feet. Camels are also helpful animals especially during ancient times. Bactrian camels specifically could be ridden because of its two humps. These camels have been used in military, wars, and long voyage.


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