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Why Do Children lie?

Why do Children lie?

I do not believe that all children lie, but I do accept that most of them lie quite often. Very few lie less often, and very very few do not lie at all. I feel that their environment at home will definitely influence them to be a liar or to be honest. There are parents who insist and convince their children not to lie, and they succeed in doing that. Of course, it is difficult to persuade children to never lie. This is because children lie when they are scared of their parents, or probably not to lose their parent’s love.

Those parents who give importance to ethics teach their children about that, and try to bring them up accordingly. However, younger children who are lying cannot understand that lying is wrong, as they might not have had good back up from their elders, including teachers and parents. Children who are about 2 years of age lie because they forget about what they have done. If they are accused of putting waste papers in the room, they might not remember whether they have done this. So it is not fair to punish them. These children can be taught about honesty with the help of small stories, and explanations why lying is wrong.

Older children often lie to protect others whom they like, to get away from punishment, to make others feel good about them, to be proud of themselves, to get what they desire, or when they see their parents lying. There might be some other reasons for children to lie, which may be for fun sake, to transfer the blame on others, or due to envy.

Some children lie because they do not want their parents to be worried. Adolescents can make out the difference between being practical and impractical. They may lie to hide their private matters, to enjoy being uncontrolled and to avoid being uncomfortable. So we can conclude that though children lie for many reasons, they lie mainly out of fear for their elders.


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