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Why Do Cigarettes make you Nauseous?

Why Do Cigarettes make you Nauseous?

As a long time cigarette smoker, I most definitely know the good and bad that come with inhaling the poisonous people smoke?”>smoke and nicotine that comes with each and every cigarette. Depending on the mood that you are in at the time that you decide to light one up, you can definitely have mixed reactions on your mental and physical reaction to the smoke going into your system. Let us say that you are in a good mood and things are seeming to go pretty well in your world. Maybe when you light up the cigarette it can suddenly have an adverse effect on your mood and you become sullen. Or there is always the possibility that the smoothness of the cigarette will go hand in hand with your good mood.

There are always that time when you are in a bad mood as well and decide to smoke a cigarette to calm your nerves. That has seemed to work wonders for me on many different occasions, but I have also felt the complete opposite as well. I have felt pretty nauseous a few times based on my bad mood and also based on what I had eaten before I lit the cigarette up. Many things can lead to feeling nauseous when you smoke cigarettes. They are filled with poisonous particles and are just plain bad for the body as a whole.

I would not recommend starting up smoking to anyone even though I am a smoker, myself. I do enjoy it, but it is a tough habit to quit. It kills many millions of people every year and does not look to be stopping anytime soon. As long as there are cigarettes sold in stores, though, people will be smoking and enjoying them as well as dying from them. If I could go back in time, I probably would have never started smoking in the first place.


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