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Why Do Civilizations Fall?

Why Do Civilizations Fall?

The reasons behind the fall of every civilization are not too difficult to comprehend indeed it is very easy to appreciate. Some factors maybe out of our control but in most cases, it can be managed by humans. If only people will have an indestructible discipline and unity, then, there are fewer worries on how to maintain a great civilization.

History had laid so many civilizations that collapsed in a blink of an eye, but there are also civilizations that experienced the fall gradually. Regardless when and how it happened, the reasons behind it are alike. So why do civilizations fall? Understanding the causes behind it is a grand eye-opener for the new civilizations.

Ironically, the grounds behind thriving civilizations are the same grounds that can destroy them. Here are some factors of successful civilization; centralized population, natural resources, surplus of food, centralized government, religious unison, comprehensive division of labor, and money accumulated through taxes. These are the only the basic factors of civilization but these are the most significant. If you take a look at each aspect, you will realize that sustaining a great civilization is achievable.

Civilization will positively collapse if we abuse any of these factors. For instance, over population will lead to over use of natural resources or worst, it will source to genocidal warfare. Another cause is government asking too much tax from people, until people can no longer afford it. Over-farming is also one factor that greatly contributes to the fall of civilization, because when soil is over-used it will no longer produce sufficient crops. The soil also needs rest and nourishment for it to be productive.

Surprisingly, slavery is also one of the reasons of declining civilization. Slavery will lead to poor human resources and in the long run it will affect the productivity of the industry. Natural disasters or environmental changes are massive causes for civilization to subside. Some archaeologists believe that a 300 years drought ruined the Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia between 2200 B.C. and 2500 B.C.

Everything that we do, vastly affect the people and things that surrounds us. You, as an individual play a big role in the society. Treat everything around you with respect regardless of its nature. Discipline makes a big impact for civilization to succeed. Let’s all learn from the past so that we can avoid the same mistakes in the present and in the future.


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  1. The reason that a nation would fall is not only resources and taxes but most importantly morals… If you love a country you will make it better. If you love your family you will make them happy. If you keep worshiping the false ideals of temporary goods and pleasures and actually care about another person then things will get better. If Obama wanted to help the country he would help it. Since he is a “Hitler of the modern world” he will hurt this country and everything people died for. So in biblical terms a nation would fall because men’s hearts have failed them.

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