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Why do Couples look alike?

Why do Couples look alike?

Generally people tend to marry and live with someone who looks similar to them. We normally like those who have similar personality as we have. It is studied that as we live longer with someone, we change and grow gradually with the features which they possess. Research was conducted to study why couples resemble each other after living for a long time together. One research study was done by 11 males and 11 females who investigated the age, attractiveness and personality characteristics of 160 married couples. The photographs were observed separately of the husbands and wives and later could attempt to identify the exact couples from them. The test participants rated the identical people looking similar to each other and those who had same personalities. As the couple live together for long period they tend to appear similar.
The relation between the appearance and personality might be an odd thing to discuss about. But, there are several biological reasons to have the above similarity according to Tony little who was a researcher in the University of Liverpool in England. Testosterone was studied to have connection with masculine faces and also their behavior. As the face shows our emotions, after some period the emotional expressions will get carved in the face. It is believed that one who laughs very much can have lines and muscle elevations which might be same as those possessed by the one who is happy. Some of the studies also revealed that those who are genetically similar can live together happily. So, similarity in appearance and personality on the whole may be a way to measure the genetic resemblance.
Another experiment was conducted by psychologist at University of Michigan called Robert Zajonc. He tested whether the features of the couple slowly tend to resemble each other or not. He observed the photographs of couples just after marriage and also after 25 years. He noticed the growing similarities between the partners. He also noticed that those couples who were happy with each other still more resembled one another. It is said by the scientists that those who have same genes tend to like each other and get married and they would gradually start looking similar.


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