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Why do Cows moo?

Why do Cows moo?

As roosters crow and coyotes howl, cows also make a kind of sound called a ‘moo’. It is not exactly known by anyone why the cow makes such sound. Every animal has its own way of communicating, whether it is by making sounds or by showing gestures. Cows say ‘moo’ as a form of communication. They cannot speak with a language as their tongue was not designed like that of a human’s, and hence, they can only make sounds. Their throat and tongue are shaped in such a way that they will not allow the cow to make any more sounds than what they make.

Our imagination and language might be limited to explain the exact sound made by the cow. Although a dairy farmer will be best able to explain the purpose of the ‘moo’ sound made by the cow, we can observe it clearly by ourselves. We can observe at what time the cow makes the sound, and when it wants to make it. The probable reason for a cow to make a ‘moo’ sound can be explored by individually observing it.

It is better to observe it before it eats, when any other animal is approaching it, or when they are expressing themselves creatively. In Bristow Niven’s new book, it is said that cows ‘moo’ for love mostly. He also says that moo in cow’s language is GOD. He also goes on saying in his book that cows make that sound from deep within their souls.

He says that the ‘moo’ sound made by cows is sacred, and it means everything. He has studied for seven years, and has found out that this ‘moo’ sound of the cow reveals, according to him, the sum of who they are. A sum of what the cows want out of their lives was interpreted from their ‘moo’ sound. Though all ‘moos’ sound alike, even when made by several cows, it was interpreted from the study that one ‘moo’ might mean love and another may mean loneliness, gratitude or fear.

It is said that we can hear the truth in a cow’s moo. It is nothing but their language of communication.


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