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Why Do Crabs Walk Sideways?

Why Do Crabs Walk Sideways?

Crabs are crustaceans that can either live in water or in land. They are often seen in seashores looking for their food. Crabs tend to walk sideways and there are some myths about it. The truth behind this is a proven fact that a crab’s leg doesn’t bend forward just like a person’s leg is. Walking sideways also give them the opportunity to fit in crevices and small holes. With their body’s diameter if measured horizontally, definitely, they will have a hard time in fitting in holes that tend to be their homes. If they won’t be able to hide, pretty much they will be eaten by other species larger than themselves. Crabs can see in 360 degrees angle making it easy for them to see where they are going. Their vision is considered as reverse tunnel vision since the focus of their view is sharp on the edges and blurred on the center. Crabs don’t have what they call the socket and ball joints. They have certain joints but its movements are very limited. Particular crabs are scampering sideways to avoid the tangling of their legs.

Muscles always work in pairs. They can only pull or retract. Muscle blocks of crabs are attached in their exoskeleton with their tubular legs. Walking sideways let the crabs to move along with the axis of their bodies. This is also an edge for them to walk faster in chasing their prey or in avoiding their predator. This is absolutely their advantage compared with other animals of the same species. Lobster on the other hand, walks forward. They always have a hard time in looking for a place to hide. Crabs are pretty much aggressive in terms of finding food. Walking sideways has also made it easier for them to trap their prey. They have particular strategies in searching for food.


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