Why do cucumbers reduce puffiness?

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Why do cucumbers reduce puffiness?

Cucumbers are generally used as ingredient for vegetable salads. They are also beneficial for facial beauty too. The beauticians frequently make use of the cucumbers for facial treatment purposes. As per the beauty specialists at Nutrition research center cucumbers are very much useful to get away with puffy eyes. Cucumbers are known to decrease the puffiness of skin under the eyes. Application of cucumber juice near the eyes or keeping the cucumber pieces on the eyes will help to make the eyes appear bright, relaxed and smoother. Puffy eyes make your face look aged and tired.  Cucumber will help you to keep your eyes healthy and more awake. Cucumbers were also known to have anti-inflammatory effect which avoids the puffy appearance of the eyes.

Apart from decreasing the puffiness of the eyes and inflammation near the eyes, the dark circles under the eyes can be treated with it. The dark circles under the eyes might be the result of genetics, stress, tiredness and sleeplessness. Cucumbers act as natural products that can make the tired eyes to get relaxed after a long time at work.

Cucumbers are known to be very useful for keeping the skin healthy. The quantity of hydrogen in them was found to be same as that of in the skin. This is the reason for this vegetable to be able to manage the skin problems. The skin gets smoothened and soft with the application of cucumbers on it. The cucumbers are believed to cleanse the skin which keeps the region under the eyes clean and soft.

The reason for the above mentioned effects of cucumbers is that they possess around 90% of water in them. The water content in cucumbers removes the dehydration on the skin under the eyes and keeps it cool most of the times. Hence, the puffiness of the eye skin will be reduced. The coolness of the vegetable makes the swelling and blood flow to become normal. If the skin is hydrated properly the lines and wrinkles will be lost gradually.

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