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Why do Curlers Sweep the Ice?

Why do Curlers Sweep the Ice?

I never knew that there was such a thing as a sport called curling until I came across the game while surfing the internet one boring day. When it comes to winter games, the only games that I am familiar with are hockey, the bobsleds, skiing and there’s snowboarding and figure skating, of course. So I did a little research to find out what it is for our information. This is intriguing since I do not know anything about it.
For those who do not know of such game, curling is a sport where in players slide a rock across a sheet of ice to get to it’s target or goal,¦. And yes, it is like hockey, only different in its own unique way. Unlike hockey, a curling game comprises of two teams with four players each. Depending on the kind of event that the game is played, curling teams may comprise of all girls or all boys and sometimes, both sexes. With each team given eight rocks each, their main objective is to be able to sweep those granite rocks into the house. Every member of the team is supposed to directly contribute to scoring a goal. The team that accumulates the highest score wins.
If you watch a curling game closely, you’d notice how curlers would often sweep the ice. This is simply because doing so reduces friction thus producing more moisture in the ice that which will reduce the stones from curling or sliding aimlessly in the eyes. As you know, the stones curl when the rocks slow down, therefore sweeping, the pressure that you apply on it and the speed of brush strokes are the key in keeping the rocks straight and to keep the rocks from curling less. Now, with this, at least I am one game knowledgeable!


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