Why do Cyclists shave their legs?

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Why do cyclists shave their legs?

It is a common belief among cyclists that it is a tradition for professional cyclists to have no hair on their legs. But this reason might seem to be odd to most of us. There is another reason also said about why cyclists shave their legs. Clean and hairless legs provide an aerodynamic effect for the cyclist, and he or she can ride faster. But this reason has not been accepted by many people, who proved that certain smooth suits do provide a more aerodynamic effect, or less wind resistance than shaven bare legs.

The other reasons given by the cyclists who shave their legs are the following. They believe that hairless legs cause less pain when the cyclist slides on the pavement during a crash. If the hairs are there on the legs, then lot of dust and dirt gets caught up by the hair, and later passed on to the wounds. It is also said that hairless legs will be less painful when an old bandage is removed to replace it with a new one. It is also easier to clean and dress shaven legs after an accident.

Some cyclists shave their legs for the sake of vanity. They are eager to show their muscles, and hairless legs look smooth and good. As cyclists need massages every day, their therapists will not feel comfortable massaging legs with hair. It is a general feeling among the cyclists that they are going faster, and feel more confident about their ride if their legs are shaven. This shaved leg feeling lets them drop others rather than getting dropped themselves.

Some cyclists do not like the feeling of wind blowing on hairy legs, which they might feel during descent. When cycling through the streams and mud springs, they say that they do not like to clean the mud off their hairy legs.

Though there are several reasons behind cyclists shaving their legs; it is done mostly for the purpose of vanity.

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