Wondering Why?

Why do demons possess people?

Many people believe that demons exist in the world and that they roam around freely along with normal people.  Some experts believe demons are simply ghosts that are experiencing problems with letting go of their physical and earthly connections.  Many believe that demons still exist because of many unresolved issues when they were still alive.  Aside from the belief that demons exist, many people also acknowledge that some of them are able to enter the physical bodies of human beings and possess them.  Incidents involving sudden change in personality or behavior, violent convulsions, and passing out are thought as signs of being possessed by demons.  With the seemingly violent nature of these signs, many people believe that demons possess people to harm them.  Some people even get injured after a supposed demon-possession incident and this makes people associate the incident with harm and injury.

Some people also believe that demon possession is brought about by people themselves.  Provoking demons is said to be an effective tool to invite demons to enter human bodies.  since demons are associated with negative energy and harm, they are also expected to give in when provoked to anger.  For some experts, demons think of humans as toys that they can play around by possessing them.  Whenever they are teased or challenged, some demons may actually get back at people by possessing them and letting them feel what it’s like to be one of them.  People will then experience some trembling with some falling to the ground making it appear that an uncontrollable force or energy has entered the body.

For psychics, communication is the reason why some demons possess people.  Psychics are known to be able to have some kind of contact with ghosts and evil spirits like demons. By way of getting into a physical body, some demons or ghosts will then have a better way of communicating with the physical and real world.


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