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Why do dogs howl?

Why do dogs howl?

It is extremely scary to hear a dog’s howl at the middle of the night. Many superstitious beliefs say that the howling of a dog is usually followed by an imminent danger and, in many stories, this is usually characterized by the appearance of ghost and other supernatural beings. However, we are now living in the twenty-first century, which is why we should all learn the truth about why dogs howl.

There may actually be some truth about dogs howling because a possible danger is coming. Dogs come in packs and they use their howls to warn the rest of the pack that an enemy could be coming. They have found out even before that howling can do better than barking because it travels faster and it is a lot louder, too. For domesticated dogs, they would consider the human family as their pack and would probably think the same way when they howl.

This is not the only reason, though, as to why dogs howl. Your dog may also be making that howling sound because it is feeling hungry or thirsty. When it does, try to give them food and water in order to see if your suspicions are right. This should help you avoid feeling panicky when there is actually no need to.

Dogs may also howl because they are feeling lonely or upset. It may be because you have kept them in their cage or inside the house for a long time and they have not ‘befriended, other dogs which is why they feel lonely. We also know how dogs are considered a man’s best friend so if your dog has gotten used with you being around all the time, it is possible that they will howl once you are out of the house because of separation anxiety.


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