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Why do Dogs lick People?

Why do dogs lick people?

When they are weaning, dogs instinctively lick their mothers to make her regurgitate food for them. However, dog licking may not only be applied to other dogs, they often do it to their owners, too.

Lower order dogs often lick their alpha dog’s face to show deference and this could be one possible reason why they also do the same to you. Your dog may see you as someone who is belonging to a higher order than they do.

Another reason why your pet dog  loves to lick your face is that he or she is showing affection to you. As their owner, your dog may have been attached to you already and to show that he cares and loves you, your dog licks your face. Your dog may also be licking your face because it is seeking attention from you.

The taste of your lotion, cream or your salty skin may also be another reason why your dog licks you. It may be because they feel happy when they are able to taste it. Licking may also be a way to make you happy when your dog feels that you are sad.

Dog licking may be cute and adorable at times but they can also get annoying. If you do not want them to have this habit, try training them to stop licking you. You can turn around, ignore your dog and walk away every time he tries to lick you. You could also express pain like saying ‘No!, or ‘Ouch!,, and in the end, your dog will realize that you are not happy with it. They might even feel like you are hurt each time they lick you and they would eventually end this habit on you.


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