Wondering Why?

Why do dogs sleep so much?

Some dog owners have long wondered why their dogs sleep often even during day time.  Some breeds are also known to prefer sleeping for very long periods of time and this has lead some people to ask on why this is so.  There are people who worry that their dogs are not fully enjoying their lives because they spend too much time sleeping.

One basic reason for sleep is rest time. Dogs and other animals also need some time to rest and refresh their energy stores.  The only problem with resting is that if the dogs spend too much time resting for the whole day for example, it may be a sign of depression.  Most dog breeds also have needs in terms of activities. If ever they are restricted in what they do, they might get depressed and will most probably sleep often during the day.  This is typical when dogs are put in very small cages for example.  Living inside a cage is not normal for dogs and the restriction will make them feel down and useless.  All these negative feelings will then lead to depression and this makes dogs want to sleep often.

Illness may also cause dogs to oversleep during the day.  If their physical bodies are not healthy or in good condition, dogs may also have the tendency to be lethargic and rest frequently during the day.  Medical conditions such as thyroid problems, diabetes, and infections from various bacteria and viruses may make dogs want to sleep all day.

Lack of activity or exercise is also one factor that makes dogs sleepy even during day time.  Many dog breeds have the natural need to be physically active during the day.  If this physical need is not met due to certain restrictions, dogs will literally feel down and get lazy.  Laziness will then lead to over-resting and over-sleeping.


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